Anime Eyes with Geocontactlens

Today is all about the impact of colour contacts.
Kimmy from contacted me a while ago asking if I'm interested to feature her website's Geo Cosmetics lens. 
After browsing her website, I readily agree because I'm sucha fan of fancy lens and so happens that GEO's website carry the craziest lens I ever saw in my life! 
They are not just insane but beautiful and gorgeous in every possible way and you'll see why in a bit.

I understand the agonising fact that many cosmetic lens in the market are going at a dirt cheap price and very fake indeed. The horror stories that I read from other blogsites talking about serious eye infection because of the low quality lens that they wore and some even lead to permanent blindness.
However, you can rest assure you'll be getting authentic ones because their website comes with a authenticity checker that allows you to key in an code in order to verify its source.
 If is from a trustworthy supplier, it will show the following:
This way, you'll get to wear something with ease and comfort knowing that is the 'real' deal.

Recently, I've received an email from Kimmy asking me to provide her my details (with signatory) as she needed to submit Names of Bloggers under the GEO sponsorship to HSA. This is a new safety precaution highlighted by HSA so as to keep track of sellers selling authentic lens online.
For someone who would go to the extend of submitting and abiding to Health and Safety Authority regulation is definitely deemed trustworthy.
This proves Kimmy's high level of transparency in dealing with her customers and as a consumer, I truly thank her for that :)

Before I even get a chance to talk about this, I already received a 2nd batch of lens from her and all I have to say to you Kimmy is 'MUACK MUACK MUACK!'

So here Goes the first batch of lens.

15.0mm | Yearly Disposable | ± 0.00 to - 8.00
 photo contacts2.jpg

I'm not exactly wearing the same lens as the one she sent me but is almost 90% similar. Actually I made a blunder out of this, I accidentally threw away her pair when I'm supposed to throw away this pair (pic shown) However, please bear with me if you find this like the wierd case of Benjamin Button.
My reviews here are based on the Geo Bambi Chocolate and nothing else.

This is a sweet pair of brown that is Dolly Wink carries, reflects young and sweet but giving an impactful yet cool hue to the lens. Is best matched with soft pink lips. 

 photo DSC08154.jpg
 photo DSC08176.jpg

14.2mm | Yearly Disposable | 38% Water Content
 photo DSC08214.jpg
This the most loved pair of lens I ever owned and a hot favourite among my Dblchinis.
When I first posted a pic of me wearing the lens, le facebook page went chaotic with comments like 'I wan't' to 'OMG u r so pretty I'm going to die' Actually I posted the latter and deleted it coz cannot be buay paiseh with an innocent face.

But yes I've gotten a lot of positive 'wants' because they are so fantasy-like that I look like I just popped out from a manga. 
 photo DSC08218.jpg
 photo DSC08224.jpg

 photo DSC08226.jpg

I was totally unprepared for this, caught on a auto shot smile function when I wasn't even lifting the corners of my lips.
 photo DSC08234.jpg

Makeup I did specially for Geo Lens photoshoot.
 photo DSC08238.jpg
 photo DSC08198.jpg

Go buy my Anime Lens at  GEO now!


Thumbs up pleaseeeeee!

*Product are sponsored

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