Makeup Exercise 2 - a tint of pink

This is my 2nd makeup exercise, hurray! I'm glamming hot grainy pink as a highlight of the eye, merging together with grey tones.

The reason not using pink as a main body is because strong pinks are a hard-to-control colour as compared to beigy or subtle pink shades. BUT it will still be the main focal on your eyes when strong, vivid colours are being used.

However, I might tryout blending harmonious pink shades as a main ground someday & do up another makeup attempt for your feast.

So get ready for bull-eyes-ground.

Let us being now:

The brushes I've used are somewhat similar to my 1st exercise. Pls refer to that if u hav any query. I'm just including a new blending brush for your view.

Brush from Magical Tann

Main Colours- E.L.F Palette
Greys & blacks
You can get it from sasa in singapore.
If u wan a cheaper alternative by ordering from spress but do not how to go about it, do lemme know, I'll guide u along.

Incorporation of pink tints onto lid for added freshness

Palettes from Magical Tann

If u haven seen the 56 palette, it looks somewhat like this.

Swatch for your reference.


Top Lid

Apply primer, concealer

1)Apply silvery grey using a Med shadow brush over entire lid

2) Dabbed hot pink on to centre of lid(small shadow brush), do not apply over the crease of your eye. Fluff it out towards the inner corner as well as outer corner of the eye using a clean blending brush.

3)Using the lip brush apply corners of the outer eye with mixture of starlet grey n black, then blend with the kabuki eye blending brush.

4)apply small amts of starlet grey n black on the inner corners as well & blend. However, do not overwrite the pink tint.

5) reapply pink highlight if necessary.

6)Line thinly with black liquid eyeliner on top lid all the way onto the inner corners to create a cat eye provocative look. I'm using bourjois liner feutre, you can get them @ all leading dept stores. Is easy to use & control, I rave abt it all the time.

Clean up whatever debris left on top lid. Apply the necessary; eg. primer, concealer.

1)Line your watermark with maybelline black liner (pix under brushes exercise 1) all the way towards the inner corners.

2)Overlay with slivery grey to giv it a matt glittery boost.

3) Apply mascara if you have any on the bottom, coz mine's v little so is almost as gd as none. It gets messy if i try to apply any on.

Last but not least

Prep them pretty with falsies & blend in together with your natural lashes using mascara.

The achieve desired look

Thanks for dropping by! Toodles~


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