My Aesthetics’ Journey with Nu-Reflections [Laugh Lines and Botox]

*updates 17th Feb, this treatment was done last November, client only approved the draft recently. 
(Warning: Some of the following images are of moderate graphic nature and might give your goosebumps.)

Finally, I'm down to my last blogpost with Nu-Reflections, as much as I enjoyed blogging about it, everything has to come to a closure. In this blogpost, I'll be covering mostly on laugh lines, probably the most frightening issue I've face. 

I always thought ageing only focus mostly crows feet and MRT track on the forehead but I was so so wrong, When I was first introduced to laugh lines, I can't help but taken aback by the significant changes to my features. It was like one fine day I woke up and look in the mirror and discovered this faint impression residing around the corners of my mouth. Sad to say it never went away, I was constantly fretting over that 2 lines overtime. 
When Dr Ivan Tan decides to insert some fillers on the laugh lines, I was more than happy to oblige! Finally I can ease my worries at least for another 9 months! Like another fillers on other areas, injecting is mandatory and moulding the area into desirable shape. 
Admiring the after pictures Dr Tan took of me. 
But at the end of the day, nothing beats non-invasive procedures like Fillers, Ultra V-Lift and Botox, these are the treatment that could keep you happy for at least 9 long months. 
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_5_zpsc5a5919b.jpg

Remember I first talked about my first blogpost on the extra1/2 Juvederm fillers? ahhh now you know the remaining syringe of goodness is used for my laugh liners!
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_4_zps846456e2.jpg

Aside from that, to lift and firm up my chin Dr Tan injected botox on either side of my jawline. 
Botox is painless for many but I do felt a pinch of ant bite sensation whenever the needle is injected onto the desired area. Never mind the little pox that emerges over here, it will subside over a few hours.  
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_15_zpsf7f4c1dd.jpg
When it comes to Botox Treatment, patient is a virtue.
Time is needed to tighten the area thus the result won't be immediate, also a follow up is needed in a weeks time so as to further access the 'patient's' condition.

Admiring the 'After' pictures that Dr Tan took of me
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_16_zpsebdea4c8.jpg

Double chin is a real annoyance, as a Make Up Artist there are so many ways I could offer, let me list some examples for you:

Ways to conceal your Double Chin
#1- Contouring and highlight
The best form of camouflage is the contour palette. With that you can darken unflattering areas and highlight areas you want it to pop with light swiping motion.
 photo DSC00013.jpg

#2- Playing with Angles
Ok this only works on still pictures, playing with angles is very important when posing for the camera. Find your most comfortable angle and start practicing selfies. Don't worry if it doesn't work the first few times, I'm sure you'll get it somehow.
 photo DSC00271.jpg photo DSC00120_1.jpg

#3-Thick Brows
Ok this has nothing to do with concealing of Double chin but it will take some attention away from that bulging fat right where it disgust you most. A good set of brows frames the face well, so be sure to keep them full yet subtle (in shade/tone) so it will make you look younger. Babies(usually has fuller brows) look cute with double chin, so perhaps that'll work on you.
 photo DSC00115.jpg

#4-Face Lifting Cream
Face lifting cream usually takes away the water retention, it don't necessary burn those fats under your chin but instead of suffering with a puffy face especially during mornings, why not try this emergency fix?
 photo DSC00017.jpg

#5- Facercise
Ok this is highly recommended for the exercise junkies, facercise basically means exercising your face  giving all the muscles a good workout. The very basic exercise involves lifting your face up (like diagram shown) until you feel the tension for a good 10 seconds, relax and repeat. 10 mins a day should be suffice. 
 photo face-exercises.jpg

At the end of the day, nothing offers a more substantial result than non-invasive treatments like Fillers, Ultra-Vlift and Botox. Not only the results are significant, they also kept me looking good for at least 9 good months. I'm not expecting to look totally different from the original 'me' but I'm glad with the help of these treatment I could enhance certain point of my features making them looked more structured and defined. It definitely helps to boost my self-confidence too. 
Aside from saying that I still embrace my own beauty, in short I'm still me :D

My journey with Nu-Reflections is a fulfilling one, not only I get to learn the aspects behind these treatments I get to experience them myself too. 
With that I would like to thank once again Dr Ivan Tan And Bianca from MFP for giving me a chance  to improve the appearance of my face. 

For more information on Nu-Reflections please visit:
They are located at:
Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics
123 Penang Road, Office tower
#05-12 Regency House (next to old Cockpit Hotel)
Singapore 238465


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My Aesthetics’ Journey with Nu-Reflections [Korean Trend Ultra V-Lift]

(Warning: *omg exciteness finally my turn to display a cautionary example!* Some of the following images are of moderate graphic nature.)

Blogpost 1- Fillers [Double Chin Concerns]

Lets talk about part2 of my treatment with Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics. This blogpost I'll be covering the very famous Korea Ultra V-lift that took the world by storm.
So whats Korean ultra V-lift?
It is a skin-tightening procedure that involves fine (needle) threads that are commonly used in general surgery. It helps to tighten, firm, and sculpt the face back in shape. 

 photo UltraVlift.jpg

I'm privilege to be one of the few who received this aesthetic procedure from Nu-Reflections, aside from that it was done in a short span of time (approx 10 mins-exclude numbing). Ultra V-lift can be applied on many areas: on the body and face including the neck, nose, eye corners, cheeks, neck. forehead and nose.

However, this time round Dr Tan decides to target on my first world problem : my double chin.
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_8_zpsd0bd70de.jpg
Unlike fillers, this requires a little more pain tolerance, thus my chin was numbed 20 mins beforehand therefore explains that flap of cling wrap under that area.

Inspecting my newly done fillers while waiting for the numbing to take effect. 
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_9_zpsbc695466.jpg

Getting ready to brace myself for multiple surgical jab. 
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_12_zps57702dee.jpg

What is needed to be done is, threads are inserted into the skin to stimulate fibroblasts. Collagen will then be stimulated and activated till the embedded thread is completely absorbed.
I would say even with numbing cream, this treatment is not a painless procedure. Although tolerable, it hurts slightly more than fillers and Botox treatment. If you scroll down to the next video, you can see a needles inserted simultaneously, this is to aggravate and stimulate collagen growth.
 photo mfphw_nureflections_dblchin_10_zpsaabd1799.jpg

Here's a more detailed video of the procedure. 

If you need tips on Before and During procedure please refer to my last blogpost (link at beginning of blogpost) on fillers is pretty much the same. Except you need to filter a little more waiting time for the numbing cream to take effect.

As for the After Procedure, do take note of the following:
Although there is no pain felt after treatment, your skin will feel slightly numb so do not be alarmed if you suddenly lost the feeling of your nerves.
That there will be brusing after treatment, You can take a look at the screen shots I filmed with NOC for their last year's video "Ying Yang Twins" This was shot 2 days after my procedure and the bruising shown onscreen is pretty obvious so do take note on that.
 photo brusing.jpg
 photo Brusing2.jpg

Other than the pain factor there is absolutely nothing to complain about towards Ultra V-lift. The result is significant (also with the help of fillers) as you can see below.
The chin is more defined and sharp and that extra flap of baby fat is less visible. 
 photo nureflectionsultraV.jpg
I definitely recommend Ultra V-lift to anyone who wants a more defined and sculpted face.
Thanks to Nu-reflections for this treatment, do stay tune for my last blogpost for treatment of laugh lines!


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[Review] Rachel K CC Cream Renew

Before I start my review,  hello Everybardy!
Xin Nian Kuai le, Gong Xi Gong Xi! Hope your pocket is full of money, 财源滚滚!

I wanted to talk about this amazing CC cream from Rachel K for the longest time but the editing of pictures just didn't happen until now :P *lazing around*
I've been using this on my clients for a while, mixing them with my existing cream foundation from Kryolan and I have to say I really enjoy the texture of the product. 
 photo DSC00002.jpg

The New Rachel K CC Renew comes in 3 shades, Very light, Light and Medium. 
The most common shade that I use is probably light (even if my client has slightly darker skin tone), it matches the colours of almost all my clients! What an awesome fit. 
 photo DSC00003.jpg
 photo DSC000051.jpg

Here are some swatches, the texture is pretty runny but it gives a decent coverage. With the combination of my Kyrolan cream foundation, it gives a flawless finish to the user, mostly brides. 
 photo DSC00006.jpg

Here's a before and after comparison by using Rachel K CC Cream Renew Alone. 
I've made used of all 3 shades on different points of my face, watch out for the last pic of this post. 
The reason why I'm looking paler than usual is because I only have CC cream all over my face and nothing else, with eyeshadow and blusher it'll tell a different story, 
 photo DSC00010.jpg

One of my favourite tool for application, the beauty blender. 
 photo DSC00011.jpg

From here you can see a clear illustrated digram of where I apply my shades, obviously the lighter shade goes on the high points of my my face and the darker shades goes to the deeper areas to give a nice contour. However, when you blend them all out it gives an impeccably smooth finish. 
 photo DSC00013.jpg

Hope you like my review, enjoy the rest of your CNY!


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Guide to Shopping at Taobao SEA + Giveaway RMB500 credits (each) to 4 lucky winners!

Hi Dblchinis!

I'm sure you have come across this website called Taobao, well even you have not visited the site I'm pretty affirm that you would have heard of it somewhere somehow. Incase you haven't notice, they already long imprinted their brand name by posting advertisements on our local taxis way before they made their official presence in Singapore, I seen it for myself several times on the road.

Taobao is an amazing shopping portal, is a heaven for people like me who hate crowds, traffics and walking. Also a luxury to be shopping in my jammies.

However, shopping at Taobao can be tons of headache especially if you are not well versed in chinese.
So a basic knowledge of mandarin is a must in order to start your journey with Taobao.

Now that they have a website cater to the South East Asia Market, shopping with Tabao is an easier than ever task. All you need to go is get your butt, sorry erm, 'mouse' right over here and you'll discover this icon that says "How to buy Guide"
Click on it and it will lead you to a very addictive, no turning back shopping experience.
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at62513pm.png

Here are the instructions on how to Register and basic guide to start your shopping.
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at120735pm.jpg

Once you have successfully registered your username, you can start searching for items that you may or may not need or simply looking for a way to squander your money. Locate the search bar and start typing away.
You can choose to type in english but it will limit down to certain searches, the best bet is use a Google Translator to convert your (english) searches to chinese and paste it in the bar given.
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at63310pm.png

Because there are thousands of merchants around, sometimes the item/ product title (they called them 宝贝) is different from its description (in terms of colour, model, size). In order to find out more, you probably need to speak to the seller regarding a particular item. Thus a way to communicate with them is through 'Ali Wang Wang' 阿里旺旺. You can download this icon from the main page.

 photo Icon.jpg

And my conversation with the seller goes like this:
here you can see my long list of communication history with different merchants lol!

 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at34855pm.jpg

After you have confirmed your item, you can choose to add them to cart 加入购物车.
when you are ready to pay (you may consolidate a few merchants before footing the bill) please click on 结算 under Cart 购物车 section, once you click on that you are through to the parcel forwarding page.
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at65154pm.png

Now you need to key in your address and choose 海外 Singapore/新加坡 to activate parcel forwarding. There will be a few parcel forwarder to choose from, my default forwarder is 4PX.
Do take note that different forwarder has different requirements e.g., maximum item load/volumetric restrictions, so please take the time to find out and read before purchasing your items.
I wouldn't want you to purchase something and in the end is stuck some place where the forwarder refuses to freight your stuff out.
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at65159pm.png

Now lets proceed to payment:
*NOTE* This payment is not inclusive of Freight forwarding/shipping charges, it will be charged separately (Charges starts from S$8 1st kg onwards)
There are a few methods to pay your purchase, major credit cards are accepted however there might be a surcharge on top of your total purchases. To save on extra expenses, you can choose to pay by Alipay purchase card instead with no extra/hidden charges!
You can purchase them from AXS station, look out for this logo when choosing options for Alipay.
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at84511pm.png
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at83934pm.png
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at83942pm.png

After your payment is through, you can proceed to your purchased item section 已买到的宝贝 under 我的淘宝option to track your order.
*Impt* Makeup sure this green button 转运订单 appears, if not your order is invalid and you may need to ask for a refund and redo your order. 
Also to track your order you need to click 查看物流, if your purchases have reached the warehouse of your forwarder and you have registered your mobile number with Taobao, you will received a SMS from them that your order is at the warehouse and you may proceed to make freight payment
This is a great chance to use Alipay once again because is so convenient, from order to shipping you just need to deduct the points you have credited in your alipay account. 
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at84053pm.png

When your transaction is successful, it will show the following 转运交易成功~
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at34724pm.jpg

Here are the updates I've received from taobao or rather my freight forwarder, from arrival of goods to warehouse and delivery to my designated location.
It will take about 4-6 working days to from freight confirmation to receipt of items. As for the courier 快递 timeframe, it all depends on the merchants, whether they are quick enough to send out your items the next day. You can always drop them a question/s using Ali Wang Wang. 
 photo Photo29-1-1440933pm.jpg

Now for the exciting part, my shopping loots!

This time round I didn't managed to purchase a lot of stuff because previously I have already ordered few thousand dollars worth of household stuff (sofas, recliner, punching bag. etc. etc) for my friend's new house using my husband's commercial shipper (This is deemed confidential, sorry I can't reveal)

Anyways, here is the item that I've purchased, a set of Hot Rollers!
 photo DSC00001.jpg
For full set it cost Rmb 40.00 consisting of the following items:
(exclusive of shipping/courier fee Rmb10.00 charged by merchant) OMG! SGD$10!!!!
- 1 Roller Base 单平低座
-9 large rollers 大卷 + 7 medium rollers 个小卷 (total 16)
-20 clips 发夹

It comes with a instruction manual to help guide you on achieving desired curls.
The angmo standard really quite decent, I'm glad see no words like 'foodwear' or 'Accident Porn Area' 
 photo DSC00004.jpg

What I love about this set of rollers is, is so small and compact it fits perfectly into my mini makeup case! Space constrain is always a problem for me when I go out for assignments, glad I can just fit this entire bag into the small corner of my train case. 
 photo DSC00007.jpg
 photo DSC00008.jpg

*Note* Usually china products comes with a 2 pin plug so is advisable to get a universal adaptor(you can get them at any hardware store) to go along.
 photo DSC00009.jpg

Here are my beautiful curls using this set of heated rollers!
 photo Photo4-12-13125051pm.jpg

Another set of hair product, usually my purchases bought from taobao are for the sake of my clients.

In this box it consist of 2 items from the same merchant and here goes:
#1 Heat resistant Gloves
#2 Volume Styler
For this merchant shipping charges is free on my end. 
 photo DSC00012.jpg

Heated gloves comes with a few options, I chose the Rmb 12.00 set (S$2.40) which consist of:
-1 set of heat resistant glove
-2 pirated Toni and Guy hair clips
The reason why I'm getting another glove I think is because the last time round I ordered from this bugger the same glove and it never came, probably out of guilt he/she decides to send me 2 this time round. 
 photo DSC00013.jpg

I yet to try the gloves out but from my visual judgement, it feels really artificial despite the decent review over at the website. Gosh I need to try them out soon. 
 photo DSC00015.jpg

Sames goes for the Volume styler, is suppose to create a looser and more volumized hairstyle.
From the pictures over at the website, it seems like a breeze to style and volume up shoulder length and up hairstyles. 
 photo DSC00016.jpg

There is this button that releases the white column of the volume styler creating a gap to fit the hair in. 

 photo DSC00018.jpg

 photo DSC00021.jpg
5 temperature for adjustments.
 Once I figure out how to use this I'll do a review on that,

Once again, product comes with a 2 pin-plug so be sure to get hold of your universal adaptor. 
 photo DSC00022.jpg

The final item that I've got from a merchant is lashes! Again these are meant for my clients:
There are so many lashes to choose from, so I shall paste the merchant's link instead:

Hiyo, I made a blunder on this, I keep on thinking the prices are for 10 pairs of lashes and up but no, every price you see on the link is only for 1 pair of lash, so in short I'm actually paying and average(those lash I've bought ranges from rmb5.90 to rmb9 per pair) of Rmb7 (S$1.40) for 1 pair of lash, that is quite costly in my opinion. 
 photo DSC00025.jpg
However the quality is not too bad, decent but not up to my business standard. At the end of the day I still prefer authentic taiwan lashes.

This is a dupe of a taiwan lash that I've bought recently but the quality is no where close to the ones I'm looking at. 
 photo DSC00026.jpg
 photo DSC00027.jpg
 photo DSC00028.jpg

After giving you an ultimate guide to Taobao and showing off my loots, finally is GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Do you have what it takes to win RMB500 Taobao Credits for your shopping pleasure? 

I'll be selecting 4 very lucky winners for this giveaway :)

Just 3 easy steps:

Thumbs up for Dblchin Facebook Page
Thumbs up for Taobao SEA Facebook Page
And lastly email with the title 'I deserve to win 500 Taobao Credits' with your name and contact details to

And I'll pick 4 winners by 7th Feb 2014!
(check  back your email :D)

*contest opens only to participants residing in Singapore*


*I was sponsored Taobao credits for this blogpost, however all opinions are entirely my own.