my japanese story part i

*ps, this is a 3 wks old post but I'm still putting in my best efffort in editing the photos & captions.

Finally I get to pack my bags & travel to my outmost unimaginable country. Is nothing like what I dreamt of , is even better !!! I told all my friends...ok not all, some. Told some of them I really dread to be back. Is like a heaven for me... a dose of fashion utopia.

The Japanese are gurus at dressing up. When I stepped into the streets of Shibuya, the hardcore beats of fashion overwhelmed me as if I'm like running towards a garden of tomatoes! (erm... ok underrated. but I heart tomatoes like how much obama lurves USA)

My dreams of manga mania have finally come true.

Every Japanese gal is beautifully baked, their outfits played like a bonus to their pretty faces. Most commuters are adorned with hats that comes in different shapes n sizes & scenes like that flooded the entire vinicity. This is a indeed city with rainbow appearance without having it to rain.

I enjoyed my stay of 6 days 5 nights @ villa fontaine ueno & 3 hrs of killing time@ manga kissa before the subway opens.
Having to enjoy the time with my friends in tokyo, irregardless the japanese or other nationalities is complete awesomeness . They are a indeed fun bunchies... we exchanged cultures, laughters, dancemoves & beers!

I've been back for a week already but It seems as though I'm still like having a cardiac arrest & the medics are still resuscitating me... I need time to recover from that almost surreal country. Breathe clara...breathe...

I'm almost unsure on going forward, for my amazing expedition cannot b explained word for word. Well...Thanks to my longed discovered talent for being a camwhore, I've imprinted my footsteps on every exploration I stepped into. non-fictional apologue shall ends here, lets let e pictures explain its eloquently refine self as I continue my on living autobiography...

OK some of the pics are jumbled up & I had a hard time trying to sort them out. Pls forgive me on that.

Wing seating.

yay! lurves!
way... I look manga or not?

our silhouettes facing the planes.

I've mentioned heavily on my fb that this super buay song aunty refused to help us take picture. Luckily her colleague is nice enuf.
eh... so much effort for the hongkongers.

Rolex KING.
my father sure like.

Lucky numbers, pls buy:
2615 or 2650 or 1550 or 5550
in all domination.

Shit. now everyone's gonna call me Ruiying.


ey come come...
What does the sign says in england???
oh... japan...

Funky squat pan.

when u r urinating, water/people's leftover pee might splash on u !
I kena once! cb!
Duno how to use? check this out!

2 train tickets.
The big one cost us $35++ sgd.

This one not aeroplane ok.
Is keisei skyliner, train w allocated seats.
my seat no is : Cabin 6, row 6 seat C. Dun cme stalk me huh.

haha~ I took pigture of ah chong

N he took me!


Woo~ Villa fontaine Ueno!
The hotels in japan are terribly mini..walkway just barely enuf for 1 person.
but but but...relatively clean.

hey! that's me!

aey... me again la..

The baths.
Nice right!
Their bidet-style toilet seat is....'Shiok-ka-la-ka baby'
Got warming effect somemore, makes it easier to lay whatever u wana lay.

late arrival means hunting for 24hrs stalls.
N the most commonly known : yoshinoya, Sukiya & matsuya. & we chose sukiya, which is one street across our hotel.

I have to salute the staff working in sukiya.
He serve, cook, cashier, cleans ALL BY HIMSELF...

When we enter a 24hr minimart, the staff that mops the floor actually pauses to greet you. Inaddition, he is also the one who stocks up the shelving n collects the payment. Another of his colleague does the same.

This is really the japanese spirit. I'll giv them the most deserved 'bao ga liao' award!

C this man.
eat japanese beef only, already float in ecstasy liao

Mine's beef with egg plant!
I think it cost about 500+yen.

We went to explore the area after filling our tummies. I tell ya, although is summertime, the nights are FUCKING chilly. I had to put my hands in the pocket to keep them warm all the time.

Check out this cigg vending machine. U need an ID to purchase them.
The legal age to smoke in jpn is 20.

c, I look like a total lunatic without my waist belt!

The next morning, we purplely wake up at 7am for breakfast.

This is what they serve everyday & my bf cannot take it, too ang mo already.
So tomorrow we Go eat bento.


Still in my ugly outfit & zj wants me to take a pigture outside.
So unglam eh? nvm I'm gonna b a diva later.

Look @ the low rise apartments from out hotel view.
Jpn is so freaking amazing.

like a bat out of hell, we manage wrap up our movement of talking cock, shitting, changing, camwhoring in merely 30 mins. Fast right? I'd to say that's a new home record!!!
prize! prize!

@ the subway, waiting for our train.

yes! we stay near SHIN-OKACHIMACHI (oh-ka-chi-machi)
Pls repeat after sensei.

MY bf, the bruise Lim fanatic. WA taaaaaaa!

OH! oh OH!!!
Arrived @ Ikebukuro! Our maiden shoppin destination in Tokkkkkkkyo!
We climbed the stairs up the streets & back to the shopping malls again & again, to explore, experience & expedite~
Both of us walked faster than 'fast n furious' to capture the bountiful sights in japan.

The sushi counters in jpn.
SEIBU shopping mall

Nice display eh?
The Prices are equally as catchy.
Catch me if u can, WhooooHoo!

This is a moving food display/advert or whatever u called that.
C the bold navy area? It automatically presents new food menu 30 sec or so.

LV undergound!
SO expensive la... Go paris buy better.
Gimme $ go paris.

Streets of ike.
There is a section of Ikebukuro similar to shenton way.
C that sea of people? Is somewhat crowded everywhere in town.
Tokyo is realli massive, I walked until my knees turn spongbob.

Met up with Elliot & Jes @ Sunshine city.
Elliot spent $ like H2O, very happi for him.


Ultraman & his assistant in Sunshine city.

One of the stalls in Sunshine city~
I barely cover every area.
Damned... If only I had more time to explore...

By then, We are like starved hyenas tired n strained...
We hunt for food with our heads tilted like the neglected canines in pet society...
& suddenly...
We spotted a minuscule foodstall near on of the biz district @ Ike.
We chiong in & then....saw this vending machine...

But fear not! I Whipped out my Japanese tourist handbook & attempted to tok a lot of cock with the chefs!
& finally, everything settle.
Thong the coin, press the buttons & present the ticket to them.

So They started cooking for us.
Soba or udon they asked?
think I chose Soba, Jes also chose soba, maybe Chong chee & Elliot also...
hiya..nvm. that one not v.important.

We head up to the 2nd storey n await for our meals to b serve.

The Japanese calender~
I photoshopped the words...
I'm soooooo bloody pleased with my anyhow!!!

Ok finished eating liao.
Due to time constraint I didn't post any mugshot & the noodles.

After Lunch, we are like fully charged batteries again.
So we did a lil exploring~

Interesting stuff!

Photo taking booths everywhere!!!
I caught a man taking picture inside.

I should've drawn the blinds n shouted 'surprise!'

Imagine how the photos will turn out?

This cigg V.machine is no big deal as compared to the one I've shown u earlier.

The important factor is that I'm gonna threaten to tell Elliot's mum that he harbor the thoughts of smoking.

ey! Eliot! 1o million DOLLARS or 1 condo or ur Secret shall set loose!!!

They hav Wires everywhere.
where to c in singapore huh? tell me la.

Scary skyscraper tracks.
The walking space near the parapet is so narrow, I think one wrong step I can become MissTofu.

Yayness! Shinjuku, U know that show? Shinjuku incident? Ya la... that one la...

*ps: at first I typed wrongly & then it becomes shinkuku...wah rau... so funny.

Shinjuku bus!

Wah! c my photography so good! perspective sial~~ I deserve a nobel award.

huh? no good????
So? so? so?
U still hav to gimme award.

In order to prove that my photography is good, I'm not gonna rotate this photo.

Oh ya... we walked a gazillion miles to this place called metropolian gov building go up 30+ storey & check out the landscapes.
The brochure said that this is a must-visit place & moreover my bf said wana go sighting seeing, so I brought him there...
In the end, I kena screwed BIG-Time by him, coz we walked from other building to this building just to view back the other building. he's like wtf.

NVM... to prove that I'm not, pls continue viewing my highly addictive photographs.

Metropolian exterior view.
Good photography

Picture of me. somewhat blur.
I duno this is gd or bad photography.
When the camera is not in my hand, it tends to turn out pretty ugly...

Souvenir shop in the building.
Gd photography

Good... goood...

Wah best!
U tell me, Who can shoot like as if Gozilla wanted to attack the city like that?

Exterior of a cafe
very good!

East = Dong.
Also very good.

*note: all good, very good, wah best, good...good... & Also very good photography pronounced are purely self proclaim intuition. No, I never employ Simon Cowell to judge me.

Tokyo is e 2016 or lem pig candidate city orkie!
dun play play, if kena chosen have to pay a lot of $ to renovate ok!

So when we are walking a gazillion miles back to shinjuku I found some interested signs on the ground.

Smoking on the street is prohibited.
U can't stroll n smoke at the same time, police will catch you!
c downstairs picture.

I'm doing my perspective shot.
Nobel prize!

This is a booth for you to clean your glasses.
With my kaypo nature, I go check-in check-out what the oba-san & oji-san are doing.
so des... They dipped their glasses (shown in pic) to that funky solution.
Then walah!
A Whole NEW WORLD for them.

Cannot ride bicycle inside also.
but No... never c police catch riders one...

I'm insist such perspective is good for the eyesight.
a whole lot of jpnse wine isn't it?

Finally we are back to one of the shinjuku shopping malls.

Then street entrance where I'm supposed to meet my Japanese friend later.

The Station

Amazing View isn't it?
But then again...
Amazing Photography isn't it?

'The downstairs picture.'
This police will catch you if u smoke outside the compound of the designated smoking area.

So if you wana smoke , you have to stay in that spot.
I named it the 'cancer ward'
Hai sey! If Albert Einstein can become an inventor, so can I!

We pop by MacDonalds for a cuppa coffee.
they hav 100 yen munchies!
so is approx SGD$1.534 for a cheese burger. not bad, not bad.

People giving out Free Tissue
The Japanese doesn't seems to gain much interest in free stuffs.

huh? Y I take?
I Singaporean mah....

Guess who I saw in japan???


kua kua kua...

This is e jackpot place.
We didn't really check it out. I'm not a huge fan of gambling.

OH! & Guess what???

I even SAW

He helped me signed his name lo...

I went shooting the staff @ uniqlo.
This is just a kapo gesture from me. Nothing very special.

Everyone's in left order when taking the escalator except 1 Singaporean.
We were sooooo so exhausted after walking the whole time.

Met up with Chaki & friends for dinner.
We sorta food hopped.
Grab some munchies & hopped to another stall for more.

chong chee lurves Japanese beer.
He thinks they are so smooth!
ok. no naughty thoughts huh.

nice right?
I photoshopped the borders.

one of the small chunks.

To another stall we go!

This time,
Elliot's favourtie.

He wants to order sashimi but cannot finish, BLARDI HELL, I have to stuff the rest down my throat.


remember, perspective...

Chefs @ work.
They giv in 101% of what they do! salute...

Jess & Chiaki.

They served us 3 plates of these & 1 whole tuna jaw...
Elliot...I really tell your mother...

That day my bro's frds came over my hse & saw my pics. They commented that I sorta blend in to the Japanese community.
Actually hor...
I think they just wana another piece of my expensive Japan tibits!

& finally, I took a picture with the stall people!

The street whereby we hopped like rabbits.

We head out to check out Shinjuku's night scene after that.

especially the red light district.

I never lie to you. seriously.
k , I shall prove it. Dun even blink, I'll kill you.

These Cheeky old man are out looking for fun.
I think actually they are just chatting lol, I made them sound as them they are BIG BAD WOLVES.
but then again, u'll nv know.
Maybe they sell dirty panty.

I seriously dun believe the old men above just come here to chit chat lorh.
U c the to chit chat normally???

These male posters (real men ok) are soooo goddamned pretty handsome.
Chong chee cannot helped but whistled @ one.

HAHA I LIED abt chong chee whistling!!!

Of all areas @ Shinjuku & we had to pose for this sign. wtf...

Jes took 3 thousand photos but never post...wa lau...

Final pic w chaki before we depart for the day.

They have Shinjuku-Sanchome, Shinjuku-gyoemmae, Shinjuku-nishiguchi, Nishi-shinjuku, seibu..etc.

Just like our
Bedok North, Bedok south, Bedok View, Bedok Town, Bedok reservior...

Is this handsome old man considered as the train conductor? He jus keeps the area in order so no one will jump Q & look out for naughty acts.

Initially, I thought so proud of myself that I secretly snapped his picture without him realizing it.
But when I ZOOMED IN e playback pics... he is actually gazing at the camera.

our reflection.
k la... I forget to rotate can?

Before heading back the hotel, We went to grab some Ice-creams.
The Vanilla taste soo fresh as if they've just milked the cow!

For Tracking purposes, this is DAY 3 in Nippon.

We found this small eatery somewhere along the streets between Shin-okachimachi & Kurame.
E uncomplicated exterior & their warm welcome makes the food taste greater than it should.


First meal of the day,
1000 yen ( SGD : $15.34)

Check out the minature soyu with red cap, so cute!
just like big soyu giv birth to mini soyu~
Yay! I'm soooo cleber *clap clap*

Also Check out the old wooden signage.
Nice right? I asked her whether can bring home, she say can.
HAHA. Bluf u one la...

Kawaii Japanese gal!
She is so willing to take picture with me!

Japanese really have high endurance in walking...
If you need to change to another color/line at the same subway station, U have to walk at least 200m. That's utter madness.
Then again, Singaporeans are too pampered.

This pic is sooooooo cool! I can't explain y.
maybe I can,
My sleeves are like the necks of a bearded dragons. Is that cool or what?!

oh my... so handsome... breathtaking bruise lim...


Next time I drive the company's Van n park here.


tourist attraction spot.

They have the famous massive lanterns located here & a whole lot of stalls @ nakamise street leading u to the sensoji Temple.


Stretch of stalls from either side on shin-nakamise/nakamise street.
c my pink co-lure-fool footprints? yes, That will eventually lead u to the temple.

Japanese wigs & scary masks.

Doggie outfits.
My eyes nearly pop when I see the $ tag.

Old man bbqing the japanese goodies!


I trying to reach for e Lantern.
If only I could stretch a lil more, I'll definitely touch the foot of that lantern.
C? I'm just close... so close...

I duno what is this booth for. I think some people pick sticks for their luck or something.
N they will tie the piece of paper or something on these rods.

The Sacred fountain.
I saw people drinking the water, wash their hands...blah...blah
So I strike my kaypo hands took some of the sacred wated, cleanse them.
I'd to say I'm having good luck since then!

Entrance of the temple.
Many people walk here walk there, I had a difficult time taking a proper shot.

One of the paintings on the ceiling.

I saw people throwing coins in.
I did too!
Thanks to my Kaypo-ness! I'm going strike rich someday!

Shhh... people praying.

After exploring the temple, We tour a lil bit more.

zj wans me to shoot him looking immersely @ the painting.
But I think the oji-san eating ice-cream gets a better limelight.
His expression, priceless.

I immediately grab this lolita princess for a picture.
N yes, they all walk on streets like that. No kid.

The sammurai figurines
Zi say wana buy back after seeing the pictures.
Too bad. Cme back singapore already then say.

lol~ Action more than BADMINTON!

Funky man wearing the japanese Wig.

Zj Kept urging me to get this for my mum.
Like as if she will use this for the toilet.
I Think is more like he needs it himself to scratch his assh***.
Oops! I think he heard what I've said earlier!

an array of flags!

One will resort that far to get a free bar of ice-cream.

Streets near ROX
( shopping mall, Rox1,2,3)


Tried on a Yukata with the helped of the assistant.
They are sooo patient with helping you.
In the end I purchased this set!

This is the sweet sales personnel.
Quality service indeed!

The continuation of facebook!
This is so funny! When u flush the water, the top part that tends to look like a basin actually flushes water too!
I dare not wash my hand on that thing, god knows what water is that...


Afterwards we went for dinner somewhere along asakusa.

They realli do serve nice dishes!
Check out his face! It sure is nice!

Mine taste equally as sumptuous as his.
I just dig my constipated look!

Clubbing @ shibuya continues on PART ii


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iriene said...

My niece was a 'tomboy' before she left one year to study in Japan under student exchange! She came back totally transformed - beautiful, sexy and very fashion trendy too. Now she married to an American and live there. She said Japan is the best! Thanks for sharing, totally enjoyed ur post very much! Do drop by when ur online..cheers and
do keep in touch!

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