[Part 2/4] Krabi 9th to 12th Feb- Exploring Krabi on Bike/ Krabi Town

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Hi Dblchinis!
I figured I've been slowing down with my blogposts recently, like I've mentioned in my previous entry I wasn't in Sg most of the time during March but the truth is I was abducted but I managed to escape unscathed.
There are a hell lot of backlog blogposts waiting me to give them a proper content and here's one:
My Part 2 of Krabi Trip
(Part 1 here)
Bikes are easily accessible in Krabi, loan it for a day and you can hit the town without even putting on safety helmets. 
Lets just say this is an action only shot trying like I'm trying to ride when the vehicle stays stationery lol. 
 photo DSC06962.jpg
If you have read Part 1 you would've have notice we didn't access the pool even though we are desperate to do so, I guess just gotta blame it on the new discovery we found outside the hotel. 
However, the first thing I did when I woke up the next morning, had my camera positioned readily in my hands to capture the pool side view. But still we didn't go for a dip until evening because we decided to head out with our bike to explore the other part of town.
 photo DSC06934.jpg
 photo DSC06935.jpg
 photo DSC06937.jpg
 photo DSC06939.jpg
My morning look look like the Zombs from Warm bodies. 
 photo DSC06941.jpg
And Mr husb is still nuah-ing in bed
 photo DSC06943.jpg
Getting ready, gave my hair a fishtail braid.
 photo 2013-02-10105323.jpg
My outfit and cool shades from D and G from SmartBuyGlasses.com.sg (blog post here)
 photo DSC06946.jpg
I'm now the Biker girl, literally.
 photo DSC06948.jpg

Mr Husb unchaining our little scooter and so we had a little camwhore session.
 photo DSC06955.jpg
 photo DSC06956.jpg
 photo DSC06960.jpg
 photo DSC06962.jpg
A glimpse of our hotel room.
 photo DSC06963.jpg
 photo DSC06964.jpg
 photo DSC06965.jpg
 photo DSC06966.jpg
And off we go, out out and away!
 photo DSC06967.jpg
 photo DSC06968.jpg
 photo DSC06970.jpg
 photo DSC06971.jpg
Mini Taxi 
 photo DSC06973.jpg
First stop, tourist information.  
We need to plan our itinerary for tomorrow, we thought of heading out the sea so we took our time to read up information on the pamphlet.
 photo DSC06977.jpg

There are total of 3 island tour to explore but we decided to head to Phi Phi, as recommended by our tour agent.
 photo DSC06980.jpg
The lovely tour agent touches up her/his makeup 10 times a day.
I know because this tour stand is situated right outside out hotel and whenever we walk/drive pass I'll catch a glimpse of her/him patting that foundation pack on her/his face. 
 photo DSC06978.jpg

Bike available on loan.
 photo DSC06983.jpg
 photo DSC06985.jpg
We also made plans for the evening to head to Krabi town which we pretty much regretted after we got there, PLEASE DON'T HEAD TO KRABI TOWN unless you have ample time to spare.
Because calling it Town is too overrated, it looks more like a small pasar malam area with nothing real fancy. However, if you want a feel of the authentic Thai ambience, by all means head there!
The tour station will arrange transport to pick us up from our hotel at 6pm (takes around 45 mins to get to Krabi Town if you staying near my area) and drop us off the same area at around 9.30pm (time set to return from Krabi Town at 9pm), I can't remember how much it cost for the return trip but you can try asking them again. 
After our arrangements, we are now Dora the explorer for today.
 photo DSC06987.jpg
 photo DSC06990.jpg
 photo DSC06991.jpg

 photo DSC06998.jpg
 photo DSC06995.jpg
I love Grandpas.
 photo DSC06999.jpg
 photo DSC07000.jpg
 photo DSC07003.jpg
 photo DSC07004.jpg
Fill our tummy before heading out further
 photo DSC07005.jpg
 photo DSC07006.jpg
 photo DSC07009.jpg
 photo DSC07010.jpg
 photo DSC07011.jpg
 photo DSC07012.jpg
Stall owner's cute doggie
 photo DSC07019.jpg
Sucha Darling!
 photo DSC07023.jpg

 photo DSC07025.jpg
 photo DSC07026.jpg
I had Basil Chicken and Mr Husb ordered Basil pork and it looks the same I know. 
Regardless of that, the authentic flavour just sink in my tastebuds. Yums + unforgettable. 

 photo DSC07028.jpg

After Lunch, is time we head further on the 2 wheel transport. 
 photo DSC07030.jpg
 photo DSC07031.jpg
 photo DSC07032.jpg
 photo DSC07037.jpg
 photo DSC07040.jpg
 photo DSC07042.jpg
 photo DSC07046.jpg
 photo DSC07048.jpg
After much riding around, we discovered Fossil Shell Beach, got down and head to a whole market of shell ornaments!
But first, a picture of me setting foot on the beach.
 photo DSC07051.jpg
 photo DSC07052.jpg
 photo DSC07054.jpg
In defence of the Tsunami Phuket experienced years ago.
 photo DSC07056.jpg
Many locals setting up picnic near the beach, they are staring at us as if we are aliens. 
Given my skin colour, which is pretty fair for an asian gets constant attention everywhere. Ok maybe except for Korea.
 photo DSC07057.jpg
 photo DSC07058.jpg
Specimens of Puffer fish, seriously I'm not sure whether this is real because the eyes are suck with Crafty fake Eyes.
 photo DSC07059.jpg
Shell wind chime,
we bought ourselves a simpler version of this chime home to hang near our window. 
We don't very often hear the chime because Singapore not much wind :( haha!
 photo DSC07062.jpg
Teds made of shells.
 photo DSC07064.jpg
 photo DSC07065.jpg
 photo DSC07066.jpg
Cute kitty that refuses to listen to the leash.
 photo DSC07074.jpg
 photo DSC07079.jpg
 photo DSC07081.jpg
We are buying these!
 photo DSC07084.jpg
Handcrafted items that apparently looks nostalgic.
 photo DSC07085.jpg
 photo DSC07086.jpg
 photo DSC07087.jpg
 photo DSC07088.jpg
 photo DSC07090.jpg
 photo DSC07093.jpg
A Sea of Turtles
 photo DSC07094.jpg
 photo DSC07095.jpg
 photo DSC07096.jpg
 photo DSC07098.jpg
 photo DSC07099.jpg
When we are done exploring, we head back to Hotel Mercure for a swim and chill out session!
Time for a good look at the pool!
 photo 2013-02-10144137.jpg
 photo 2013-02-10144645.jpg
 photo 2013-02-10144705.jpg
 photo 2013-02-10150232.jpg
 photo DSC07104.jpg
 photo DSC07109.jpg
 photo DSC07110.jpg
 photo 2013-02-10154647.jpg
 blue diarrhoea from my hair.
 photo 2013-02-10155200.jpg
 photo 2013-02-10155417.jpg
After our pool session we decided to head out nearby for some local delights before we return the bike.
BBQ stuffs
 photo DSC07111.jpg
 photo DSC07112.jpg
 photo DSC07113.jpg
 photo DSC07114.jpg
 photo DSC07117.jpg
 photo DSC07118.jpg
An eating area located behind the food stalls, a short steep slop before you take your seat.
 photo DSC07119.jpg
Pancake woman doing her thing
 photo DSC07121.jpg
She sure knows how to promote herself.
 photo DSC07125.jpg
Pancake done top with chocolate syrup.
 photo DSC07126.jpg
 photo DSC07127.jpg
 photo DSC07128.jpg
 photo DSC07129.jpg
 photo DSC07130.jpg
Time to return the Keys... Bikey I miss you...
 photo DSC07131.jpg
 photo DSC07132.jpg
 photo DSC07134.jpg
 photo DSC07136.jpg
 photo DSC07138.jpg
 photo DSC07139.jpg
Nothing, just an overloaded tutu.
 photo DSC07141.jpg
Pink Bike every girl will like!
 photo DSC07143.jpg
 photo DSC07144.jpg
 photo DSC07145.jpg
Sacred sculpture in of the hotel entrance.
 photo DSC07148.jpg
 photo DSC07149.jpg
Cute Kids.
 photo DSC07151.jpg
Dining area in our hotel, they served Chinese buffet on Sat to celebrate Lunar New Year.
 photo DSC07152.jpg
And now We head to Krabi Town.
 photo DSC07153.jpg
 photo DSC07154.jpg

 photo DSC07155.jpg
 photo DSC07156.jpg
batik making for 20 Baht
 photo DSC07157.jpg
 photo DSC07158.jpg
 photo DSC07161.jpg
Chinese New year Clothing.
 photo DSC07164.jpg
 photo DSC07166.jpg
 photo DSC07168.jpg
 photo DSC07220.jpg
 photo DSC07222.jpg

Angry Bird.
 photo DSC07169.jpg

Children making music.
 photo DSC07171.jpg
 photo DSC07172.jpg
 photo DSC07216.jpg

The Thai's are really nice, the let you take pictures even you don't buy anything from them. Some even arrange their objects nicely for me to capture!
 photo DSC07174.jpg
 photo DSC07177.jpg

Bought us Mojito in a bamboo shot and is the most horrible alcohol I ever tasted.
 photo DSC07178.jpg
 photo DSC07183.jpg

Sushi stall
 photo DSC07181.jpg
 photo DSC07182.jpg

Aim for your target!
 photo DSC07185.jpg
 photo DSC07186.jpg
 photo DSC07187.jpg

Cute mini bus, good chance for me to strike a pose.
 photo DSC07188.jpg
 photo DSC07189.jpg

 photo DSC07191.jpg

Stage Performance
 photo DSC07196.jpg

More Food
 photo DSC07197.jpg
 photo DSC07202.jpg
 photo DSC07203.jpg
 photo DSC07204.jpg
 photo DSC07206.jpg
 photo DSC07208.jpg
 photo DSC07211.jpg

 photo DSC07219.jpg

And caricature 
 photo DSC07223.jpg

Clay figurine for sale
 photo DSC07227.jpg
 photo DSC07228.jpg
 photo DSC07230.jpg

Thai's are talented artists
 photo DSC07231.jpg
 photo DSC07249.jpg

Head outside of Krabi Town for a bowl of tantalising beef noodle
 photo DSC07234.jpg
 photo DSC07235.jpg
 photo DSC07238.jpg

Good old Coke, thanks for reviving my childhood
 photo DSC07236.jpg

Spice and condiments.
 photo DSC07239.jpg

Not the best I've tasted in but this will make do.
 photo DSC07243.jpg
 photo DSC07244.jpg

A picture with one of the performers.
 photo DSC07246.jpg
what a cutie!
 photo DSC07247.jpg

 photo DSC07250.jpg

Do watch out for PART 3!


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