Review- Lancome Hypnose Dolly Eyes

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Afternoon Dblchinis!
I used to be crazy about mascaras but when lashes took over the world, I completely ditch the former.
My fault, my bad, Karma's a bitch (see above kua tio gui pix) I'm officially claiming it back because mascaras nowadays are infused with fibers, improved formula that work like falsies. I've also discover my hidden talent for making lashes stay erected (don't even think...) and fan out.

Here I've with me is LancĂ´me Hypnose Doll Eyes in its latest waterproof formula.

Its sleekness almost look like the silhouette of a woman.
Dark roses printed on the exterior gives an adventurous touch yet whole lot of femininity to the mascara.

Bristles are very fine and it latches on very well to each individual lashes making sure they are coated evenly.
Hypnose Doll Eyes is also formulated with floral notes from Turkish rose and magnolia which gives out a nice scent. Not fascinated nor complaining about it but knowing that, I kinda place the wand near my nose to capture the smell. True enough got the flower scent ley! I also risk staining the tip of my nose with mascara, Oops :X

I'm surprised how well it separates my lashes giving it a define curl.
Pardon the stains, I'll clean it up in a minute.

Although it does it's job, this mascara clumps easily. This is not a wand that you wish to coat your lashes with over and over again, see the little beads forming? Not overly pleasant for me here.

Thanks Lancome sg! Hope u dblchinis like my review :D

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Sara said...

Still looks good nonetheless.