Achieving Double/Parallel eyelids with eyetalk

Helloooooooooo dblchinis!!!

I know the Recent Disaster had everyone around the world worrying for Japan
the aftershocks based on my Twitter timeline is making things even worse.

I've done my part (although I haven't done anything much) in polling some $ frm daddy and bf to donate to Red Cross.
Hope the minuscule contribution from the dblchin's BFamily can help to rebuilt homes in Japan.

If you would like to help (Singaporeans only)
pls SMS “Red Cross” to 75772. Each message will cost $50, all proceeds ...will b given to Japan disaster 2011 funds.

O well.... Regardless of all these natural calamity life has to go on right?

So Instead of getting alarmed for no apparent reason lets proceed back to beauty....


Thank you everyone for your past and present support on my youtube channel is indeed not easy to come by 2000 over subbies
yes is been really fun making videos especially to know you dblchinis really enjoyed them!
In this video I will guide you on how to achieve parallel or double eyelids using eye talk glue.
This technique is purely based on my own knowledge and it might or might not work on everyone.

If you can't watch the video as of now, you can check these pics to see the vast difference.

This is when I'm done with my eye makeup.
You can barely see my dbl eyelid.

But after using Eyetalk, My dbl eyes are much more obvious & it kinda opens up my eyes.

Try not to use too much glue or it'll make your eyelid's stick awkwardly

I like to apply my glue after I put on my eye makeup instead of the usual applying on clean eyes.
It makes my job easier when I apply after I'm done with my makeup, in that way I can determine the position of where I can my crease to fall on.

Hope u dblchinis enjoy this tutorial!
Have a great week
lets hope for the safety of people in Japan.
Mother nature pls stay quake and tsumani free!



CAMILLA said...

i wanna try that eyelid glue too. but i can't find it here in my area.. hopefully i can get this online with free shipping, haha

Yvonne said...

I'm blessed to have natural double eyelids, but sometimes I'll use the lid sticker to make it more obvious... haha, I'm so vain~

Sheoh Yan said...

Thanks for the tutorial, it is really useful for me.

CHERRING said...

Great tutorial babe! One question though, does it last throughout the day?

Elisa ♥ said...

nice tutorial ^^ but i do like the before picture more =D looks more natural <3

나니 said...

You look absolutely stunning as always :'D <3 and it's so sweet of your bf's family to donate!

Fernroro said...

so pretty~!!
the tutorial seems really helpful :)
but luckily i have double eyelids which is still a bit obvious even after i put makeup on xD

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie for this awesome post and tutorial! But i think i'm too dumb! I can't seem to make the lids nicely...they always appear to be like triple lids! is it because of the glue i used?

Anonymous said...

You're really pretty!
Sometimes I have a difficulties on wearing it
this one is helping me so much :)
Let us pray for the Japanese people, too <3

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia ☺

Ashley Borysewich said...

wow! i've never seen that done before. very cool!

following you now :)

Jacelyn said...

Can people with tapered eyelids use this? :p

Barbie @ eSter said...

yeah ..thx for sharing babe .. but what about the brand of the eyelid glue? i found that sometimes the glue is not long-lasting =( ... i've never try on eyetalk .. is this from koji ?