Wedding Tale Part 2 - Guide To ROM Solemnization

Hi Dblchinis~

I'm about to crash for the night when I saw an updated tweet of Cheesie's Newest bloglink, so I click on it and I got lured into reading all her never ending updates. Everytime I head over to her blog I suddenly develop insomnia.
Is like worse than tobacco, I get hooked and inspired to turn on my computer and start blogging.
so that explains here.

Blogged about my ROM Solemnization preps the last time round, this time I'm showing you the actual day pictures.
If you need a refresher, I held my Solemnization at Furama Riverfront hotel last July2011 with a capacity of less than 25 pax.
I have the luxury to hold my ROM at Furama's hotel Mercury Ballroom. swee & swell coz usually other hotels will give you a small crampy room AKA the helper's rom to hold your ROM. Sad but true, some hotels really do that shit.

I am really pleased with my Venue, miniscule but spectacular, the walls of our venue was divided by glass so we were able see whats outside.
One side of the glass was facing the pool and the other was facing the man-made waterfalls. In order not to let my husband get distracted by the 'D' Cups hanging around the pool, I have asked them to draw the luring side of the curtains.
Our coordinator made an extra effort to decorate the ballroom with flowers, drapes at my least expectation, I have exceptionally an beautiful centerpiece, rose pink sash, red carpet all suited for the private event.
We paid all for just $350 , can you believe that?!

I held my ceremony at 5 in the evening, just right for the sun to set in and capture the warm scenery.
My photographer's JiaJun, sometimes I like him, sometimes I don't. For instance, I'm in awe at him for making this ballroom looks magnified. Really the room is not as big as it seems but Jiajun manages to make the interior looks clean & classy.

He asked for a testimonial, so I gave him one.
Apparently it didn't appear on his website, I'm guessing maybe, probably, perhaps the reply is not what he expect.
To be honest, a photographer needs to be engaging right? Perhaps he's still in his learning stage, We probably should give him a little more time, still it that doesn't mean a testimonial be it positive or constructive had to be screened. Besides I'm far fetched from giving negative comments, so I don't understand the part of missing out my testimonial on his website.

Overall, I'm still happy with his service, fyi I paid a total of $190 for 3 hours of photography for my ROM Solemnization.Guide to Solemization:
There are a couple steps that you need to do, from engaging a Justice of Peace according to your beliefs to collection of marriage papers.
You can choose to read more about it here but I'm going to briefly tell you what we went through.

First, Pick a Solemnization date & Time, you may sought a geomancer for help if you wish to pick an auspicious date.
Then click here for the list of Licenses Solemnizers available, of course through recommendation is the best.
I've been to ROM whereby the Solemnizer pronounced the Bride's name so awkwardly, we had to contain our laughter throughout the entire vow. Also I came across a solemnizer delivering his speech like reading straight from the encyclopedia, even more long winded than my grandma.
Location is also very important, make sure your guest feels comfortable in whatever arrangements you have made. Sweating in the sun is definitely a nono for me, I prefer to earn less distraction from wiping their sweat and more concentration in listening to us share our vows.
My Justice of Peace is a quick witted man. He goes by the name of DON Wong who knows how to set the mood right, making it less tense.
He asked my hubby to express 'I love you' in as many languages/dialects as possible but since my hubs suck at Cantonese and paiseh to say Lub me, he came up with a touching speech instead. Say until all my friends want to lao bak sai.
If you are interested you may choose to contact Mr Wong's PA Robin Tay to engage his Service.
Usually you are not require to pay for the JP's services because is voluntary (if I'm not wrong) but the least common courtesy is to reimburse him/her their deserving transport fee.
I gave mine a red packet & invited him to stay for dinner.

After have selected your Solemnizer, do note that you need to download a consent form to ask for his/her availability.

Then after u get the consent form signed and acknowledge, you can now file your Notice of Marriage
When you are done filing, check your email for IMPORTANT updates, you are required to bring all the necessary documents during collection of marriage certificate.
Also decide your 2 best witness, it could be anyone, I suppose nobody fits the bill best other than my dad & my husband sought permission from favourite God-Sister to be our witness. Happy.

During Solemnization, you are required to sign in the presence of the Justice Of Peace & the witnesses.

After my Hub said something so heartwarming that made me teared, I returned his love by singing in my greatest voice of all times 'Just the way you are' by Bruno Mars.
I sang as if I had a working dildo pressed against my neck (Read: ON neck not IN throat) Tremble FTW.

My singing sucks & my guests have no ear plugs. Good luck~

Family portrait

My brother, the Horny man
Closest friends together with me together on this special day is LOVE.

My Lovely Bouquet sponsored by LOVEDROPLETS

My jie meis! We have been the closest bunch since our Macy's days. All of us are experienced merchandisers. Even thought all of us are no longer with Macys, we still stick together like our yesteryear.

After exchanging vows, we proceed to 'SQUARE' (LV 2 of Furama Riverfront Hotel) for dinner.
This hotel very patriotic, see the huge gestures of flags.
Actually, not really, is just pretty close to Singapore's National Day. Not Mandatory but if never put wait lose face.

Tell you, the BUFFET spread at Square was beyond yummy, all my guests helped themselves like no tomorrow, sushi, sashimi, lobster laksa, turkey....
Even you are not planning to hold your wedding/Solemnization here, you should pop by and tryout the food. Really good I must say, think it cost around $55++ per pax, a little costly but totally worth the money. We got discount because We also had our actual wedding ceremony held over at Furama.

Oblong table setup with flower petals along with centerpieces.

We picked a private corner, where all of us could mingle and enjoy our dinner session.

People say he looks like Donnie Yen, what say u?

DIY Soapbar for made exclusively for all my guest.
Next, Guo Da li (过大礼) Stay Tune!

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Anonymous said...

Hi pretty,
Your rom venue looks v nice ^^
Can I ask who did you engage for as ur coordinator to decorate ur rom venue?

Dhruti Rawal said...

I have been telling stories through video for over six years now and have a passion for weddings. Every wedding I attend is unique in its own way and a true testament of love. I enjoy capturing memories that will last a life time and sharing them with each couple and their families.

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Vonnie said...

While the photographer may not have been engaging, the images captured are lovely. Everyone looks so happy. You look beautiful :)

And yes, he does look like Donnie Yen XD

dblchin (double chin) said...

Hi @Anonymous MY coordinator is Ira Ng but she already left the company. Perhaps you can look for Albert.

Hi @Vonnie Yes I agree with you, the photos are gorgeous no complains about that. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi dblchin, thanks for the reply. Is ur coordinator from your hotel? Or outside vendor? Cos mine will be held at another hotel but I'm looking for decor vendor.

dblchin (double chin) said...

Hi @Anon yes the coordinator is from my hotel but she no longer working there. For vendors you can try to check our brides forum

我是贝比@baby said...

Hey girl, u look so stunning~~

hevn said...

awwww.. you look gorgeous and everything else looks perfect!

Susan Lolo Bua said...

your dress is stunning..
wishing you very happy life marriage.

p said...

clara.. 你不会做人... should give him feedback as well as a testimonial he could use on his page. his pics aren't bad! you should have hashed out your expectations from an event photographer before your wedding. you may have preferred for him to be more engaging, but some people prefer the photographers to fade into the background to catch all the pictures (spontaneous ones especially), rather than for the photographer to pose the subjects.

Fiona Chan said...

Never really seen solemnization so it's nice to read about yours here. :D Anyway, perhaps you should've commented about that in private instead. The photos seem good though :D

Anonymous said...

hi, dblchin, may i get the contact of your photographer?? Because i am also ROM on this month and now still looking for a photographer as i saw the picture he took is nice, and the price for 3 hours charge is reasonable, would you please send it to

Thank you very much..