LOTD and treatment with PRIVE Clinic

Hi Morning Dblchinis!
I was like super super busy the past week, today I'm just posting up some LOTD pics and update on what I've been doing lately.

I've grown to like Freshkon Contacts, everyone is Complementing my eyes whenever I pop on Freshkon Lenses.
I'm loving this is a 3 tone violet lens by Freshkon Color Fusion Series,I'm using Romantic Violet here.


Also met up with Bianca (Editor of MyFatPocket) for double chin treatment at Prive Clinic, I'll talk more about it later :D

The world is pretty small isn't it? I actually bump into Junying at Prive too!

Lastly, a random pic of my dog deep in sleep, he stuck his t0unge out like this when he sleeps and it gets dry and crispy looking in the morning. haha.

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ef.ae said...

nice look on the eye ^^

나니 said...

WOAH love the lenses : D Are they comfy? They look super pretty! Love the pattern of them. And your makeup is beautiful as always!

Bipin Thingujam said...

Damn cute and cool Freaking awesome...nice blog too.