[Giveaway] Cure Natural Aqua Gel & Cream

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Hello dblchinis!
I was sent a bottle of cure by Japalang & I'm delighted to show you how it works!

It is a product made to Exfoliate dead skin cells except this time it has no little beads in the product.
Cure is free From Animal Testing, contains no Preservatives, no colouring & Fragrance Free.
This is super hot selling in Japan & highly raved all over the world.
I couldn't believe it the first time I saw this product too.

More on my review:
(click on the video and watch how u can win a bottle of Cure Natural Aquagel)

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Product looks cloudy when is dispense out of the bottle.

I used it on my cleansed, towel dried face.

Using my fingers, I rub my face gently in circular motions until I see bits of yucky stuff forming.


I'll rinse off and viola! clean and squeaky clean!

Remember to watch my video for more detailed review & subscribe to win cure products :)


pipi said...


I would like to win the cure giveaway.

I would like to see more of eye makeup videos, such as everyday or smokey eye makeup.

PINKtistic said...

entered the giveaway