OOTD-floral getup!

Hi dblchinis!!!

Just a quick one for the day, today's getup.

Wore this denim floral dress to town for Mary Chia couple spa treatment (thanks to #SBA2012 woot!!!), the length is a tad short but that's fine coz it looks really good!

Love the gold buttons running down the middle of this dress, gives combination of classy and sweet to my entire look.

Using this Croco embossed cowhide from Tocco together with my outfit.

Love the combination of the Matt denim and gloss texture from the clutch.

Wore a cute floral headband to jazz up the outfit. Actually I use it to keep my hair away when I wash my face, didn't know it'll come into good use!! Haha!!!

Ok have a great Sunday, Im gg enjoy my treatment now!

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Fanny said...

U look so pretty ^^

Anonymous said...

u look adorable here wf that cute bangs

dblchin (double chin) said...

@Fanny @Anon thank you both!

crYsTaL ^^ said...

You look fresher now! very cute with the bangs on you. =]