[Giveaway] Kiwiberry1 lens

*Sponsored Giveaway
Hi dblchinis!!!

Finally a giveaway from KIWIBERRY1 !!!

Please see below for contest details.

Oh but first U will be getting.....

- 1 pair lens
(Winner chooses diameter size & color preference. Kiwiberry1 will pick the model for you)
Who knows U might just happen to win something similar to mine sezy lens!

- 1 box lashes
(randomly chosen by Kiwiberry1)
- 1 exclusive 50% discount code to shop at kiwiberry1-collection.com
(code will be sent to winner via email. Expires in 6 months after winner receives code/one time use)

These are the entry rules from Kiwiberry1
1) 'Like' Kiwiberry1 on their facebook fanpage:
2) Follow Kiwiberry1 on twitter:

As for me, all I'm asking for is to follow me @dblchin on twitter and RT the following:

'RT to win exciting prizes from @kiwiberry1 via @dblchin 's blog! Details here http://www.dblchin.com/2012/04/giveaway-kiwiberry1-lens.html '

Pretty straight forward right?!

Oh don't forgot to leave a comment down below with your Twitter Handle, name and email.
That makes it easier for me to get in contact with if you are the winner.

And if you see any lens you really like, like you really really hope to win, do leave it down on comments column so I could highlight to Kiwiberry1.
No promises but I'll do my best!

*This contest is open internationally.
*All items + shipping are solely sponsored by Kiwiberry1
*Contest ends 4 weeks from now, 1st May 2012


Jmeelaii said...

Twitter: JmeeLaii
Name: Jamie Lai
Email: jamieklai@hotmail.com

Esma said...

Twitter: @mizarwen (i already followed u before this :)
Name: Esma
Email: mizarwen505@hotmail.com

I wish i kud win this..hehe :)

Isabel said...

Twitter: TheIsabelLee
Name: Isabel
Email: deariesx@hotmail.com

Thanks!! ^_^

AbsoluteJunkie said...

Twitter: AbsoluteJunkie
Name: Belle
Email: initial77(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg

HUAT AH!! :)

Jen said...

Twitter: kerrbeee
Facebook: jennifer Huang (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=520163577&ref=tn_tnmn)

Konayachi-nyan said...

Hi! I am joining :)

Liked on facebook,
fb name: Xiao Konayachi

Followed both you and kiwiberry on twitter,
twitter name: @Konayachi

Tweeted about this,
url: http://twitter.com/#!/Konayachi/status/187489403063635969

I would love to win :D:D

Anonymous said...

Twitter: trapwithintruth
Name: Joanne Lee
Email: knock-youdown@live.com

나니 said...

Well I'm obviously a blog follower xD But either way!

1) FB ID: Line Mørch
2) Twitter ID: @dwaejieolgul
I follow you and kiwiberr1 on twitter and liked their page! ^__^)/ woooh!

(and dangg your eye look is sexy in that first pic >: D)

SAM said...

Samantha Wong


iStrawberrii said...


name: Tammy Zhong
email: 999tammy@gmail.com

Cherry said...

Twitter: efatrie
Name: Cherry
Email: breaded_fish@yahoo.com.sg

thanks babe :))

Gwendolyn! said...

Twitter name: ohmyGwendo
Name: Gwendolyn Koh
Email: gwendo.lynnnnn@hotmail.com

ps: i love your youtube videos! As much as your blogs!

GRACE said...

Name: Grace Ng
Twitter name: Fayrelove
Email: purplerubydog@hotmail.com

CAMILLA said...

Twitter: @bubbleliciouzz (i already followed u before this :)
i followed kiwiberry too
Name: Camilla
Email: camilla.monix@gmail.com

Dusica said...

Dusica Paripovic

Anonymous said...

Liked and followed both of you! :)
Twitter: @AU5T1N3
(FB)Name: Austine Lee Catallo
Email: emobkworm1113@yahoo.com.sg

Thanks muchlings!<3

Emily said...

Emily Goh

already a follower of your twitter!

kawaiikimuchi said...

Naomi Hashimoto
and any natural browns like geo bella brown :)
thank you!!

Billi said...

twitter: pagli_mad
name; javeria hussain
email: jaje22@gmail.com

i love lens i love to win any blue lens


AmyIceEyes said...

Twitter: @sinkdownslowly
Name: Amy Vic
email: eleone8(at)gmail(dot)com

Dailydiary1 said...

Twitter: @little_jinny
Name: shaista
email: askwithme@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @sig_ice
Name: Alexial
email: it0909 @ hotmail.com

Coco said...

Twitter: @cocosnail
Name: Coco
Email: yulia_edenburgh @ hotmail.com

Thank you~ <3

Esma said...

So who is d winner?

dblchin (double chin) said...

Contest close and winner announced