OOTD-White Poncho with tassles

Hi dblchinis!

Once fine day I woke up like a headless fly, thinking I was late for a frd's baby shower.
So I Rushed like mad to doll up & dress up only to realise that the event was the day after. FML.
So I camwhored.

This was what I initially wanted to wear
poncho bought for 5 bucks!


Love the tussle at the bottom, it would be better if is replaced with poms poms but then again 5 bucks what more can I ask for?

Free bag from Cecil Mcbee Mook.
I'm good with freebies.

Had on a tankie underneath!

Lepoard preents bow from sasa

Ok thanks for watching.
oh my contacts? From Kiwiberry1 EOS brown.

ok bye bye!


BEBE said...

gorgeous! :D love the poncho top and the tassel details! :D

나니 said...

YOU LOOK STUNNING, LOVE <3 And I love the way you do your eye makeup : D wop wop! Absolutely hate when that happens, though! Haha, I did it a few times before.. even on a Saturday too! Waking up at 6AM thinking I was super late for class.. only to realize that it was Saturday. O_O haha lol

Tulip Love said...

Wow, your eye make-up is so lovely!

Love the poncho top - I totally have a thing for tassels, and wow for $5 it is a bargain!

Jendee said...

I love your make up here so natural gal look <3