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Hi Dblchinis~
Sorry for not updating for the longest time, I was super busy last week at work and things kinda drag on and on...
But I know there is absolutely no excuse not to show you this awesome blogshop that features a huge variety of merchandise!

Gals' Street


As usual I'm featuring 2 outfits for today, first is the Peek Shoulder Toga Dress.
I would say this dress is pretty versatile. it can be worn a couple of ways,
Reversible front to back, now you can choose which is your better angle to fit on the toga.
So I would say I like showing my right(your left) shoulder blade better than my left (your right)

and this hole here is not just a hole.
Is a pretty big hole
so you could fit your arm through it.

you get this !
Peek Shoulder Toga is available in a few colours : Turquoise and Electric Blue ;)

Next is the Super Sexzy Victorian Bodycon Dress

It comes in Lavender (top)
White, Purple, and Pink Respectively

What I love about this dress is actually the ruching on the entire bodice.
This bodycon dress is not tooooo tight but it is good enough to accentuate your figure and able to conceal your flaws.
In this case, my tummy.
I wouldn't say I'm skinny, I'm just petite and if I go any wider I'll probably look like a stoutly little bulldog.

As you can see the dress fits the model pretty well because shes almost 1.7cm
But the dress will never fit me like how it does on her.
The neckline almost reached my stomach when I first received the dress.
Ok exaggerated a little but is pretty low.

who says fun size cannot look good rite?
So I shorten the length of the strap 2cm each sides so that my chest looks less plunge.
Maybe I shorten a little too much but hey it still fits perfectly!

So even I bent and pick up fallen objects I still can protect my Chastity.

I already wore this out to a wedding party!
Gonna blog about it sometime! Stay tune.

Of course shop at Gals' Street now :)

Gals' St
Gals' St
Gals' St


mochaccinoland said...

thanks for stopping by my blog ♥

mmm... why "Miss Dblchin" when u obviously don't have any double chin? *curious*

u look really good in this yellow dress. i'm also a believer in tweaking an apparel for better fit, like what u said in your older entry "don't just give up and give away".

following u via GFC.



That yellow dress look absolutely amazing on you, hun!!! :)

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나니 said...

*drooooools* :'Q_____ omg!
You look like a GODDESS in that yellow dress! HOLY MOLY. They shouldn't just sponsor you.. they should let you MODEL their stuff! You look way better than the other model : D

Bonnie said...

I love the color of that pale yellow dress. It's so flattering on you.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Blackswan said...

Can't believe the prices of these lovely dresses. I like the yellow one best, so sweeet!

Oreleona said...

I lOVE the yellow dress!! u look beautiful!!