Doggie wants ring Light too

Hi dblchinisPhotobucket
Another camwhore post still with the sore eye!

This time I added a new member to our Meaningless shoot, Richie!

We love Richie to the maximum, he is like baby of the family haha
We adopted since he was 6 mths old and had him for a almost gd 5 yrs and going.
Richie is very obedient for his breed(silky terrier), most silky gives a snobbish air but richie doesn't n he digs his squeaky lil toys.
he looks quite hunky like stout, probably u mistaken him for a pit bull but actually deep down this lil fella behaves worse than a chihuahua.
what good is he doesn't pee/poo in the house, he holds it until he gets a walk, actually a rather gd way to beg for a walk isn't it?
But of course, he can be a lil bastard sometimes, no matter how many times u call for him his ass but will root on the ground not wanting to come to you, stupid CAT dog.

so I'm glad my in-laws are now 1/2 retired so they can spend more time with Richie.
Regardless we all <3 u lil boy.


Jen said...

super cute ^___^ what breed is he? :D

Ashley Isaacs said...

your eyelashes are amazing, super cute..........xx

나니 said...

You look absolutely stunning! And if anyone mistakes Richie for a pitbull, they need their eyes poked out XD haha