Japan Trip with Aqualabel (part V) Meetup with Japan Youtubers for Halloween

Sponsored Trip

Gazillion Apologies for the delay on my Japan Trip.
But better later than never & besides good things are worth the wait.
Ya right, who m I kidding.

Anyways...this time I'm gonna blog about my meetup with JAPAN youtubers!
Yes those living in JAPAN!

Here comes the...
Meet my most missed of all times girl!

I'm sure most of u know her...
the beauty guru MANWOMANFILM

These girls are really talented people and have thousands of fans of youtube, Is my honour to be meeting them in person.
We met up at a small tea house around Shibuya for dinner.

They Serve literally onion rings, really onion inside.

sparkling juice??? I can't rmber.

But is delishous food!!!

We camwhored quite a huge bit afterwards.
the pics are overly exposed but it didn't overshadowed our confidence to smile!

OMG, I miss JAPAN.
Someone send me there NOW!

The Gorgeous ladies once again!

The restaurant had a small locker areas for u to put ur shoes in
ya My boots, they are nesting somewhere in a secluded part Singapore now.
I hardly wear them anymore.

I rmbered the last time was autumn and it was raining heavily.
Weather is already chilly & the Rain is not helping.

Oh yes! The next day was halloween!

MAD AWESOME, I went out that That Japanese Girl and the rest of her friends

I'm a little Dress up, not say a lot but a little, with the braids and all.

This Frigging Trench is from CECIL MCBEE, Fucking AWESOME.
I bought for like $60 SGD at a local 2nd handstore @ Ueno & it looks NEW.
I'm sucha bargin hunter.
All my friends say so.
ok not all,
only me.

Red outfits, coincidental?
We are the coolest bunch to camwhore in the toilet.

If u dare to cake a joke, he will bomb ur arse.

And the bery talented BETAMAXDC

We are having so much fun a bar near shinjuku.

They allow you to smoke in cafes and restaurants in JAPAN & the place is like a chimney.
I almost thought somebody set arson to the Bar.

The crazy boys.
Cakes eyes are 1/2 closed in most of the pics.

Almost identical shoes.
Telepathy this time round???

I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u
I Miss u I Miss u I Miss u
I Miss u I Miss u
U have to attend my wedding!!!

We hopped a total of 3 bars in like 2 hrs time frame
They singlish is POWDERFUL like me.
But I think they forgot liao.
Wah lau eh.

TJG loves to do all the girly things to DC
Dc will be like , oh man can u stop it?!
Then TJG will stop for 30 secs & shes back to haunt DC.
And it goes on and on...
until the point where we part.

Ok they are like almost intoxicated.

U dunno how much I missed them, U duno my chinis.

Nothing much, just a Subway card.
TJG's card

and Cakies.

I dowan to end this blog But I have to!

When life gives you burnt hotdogs, stuff it up the anus of ur enemies.

ok bye!

This is blogpost no. 5 for japan trip sponsored by Aqualabel
*Trip is fully sponsored by Aqualabel, Shiseido. Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix FX75 camera proudly sponsored by Panasonic, And clothing and accessories by Bysi.
I'm not paid to blog about this.


Vir Anthony Suazo Talaugon said...

yay! nice blog! :) I'm a new follower! :)

Anna said...

God I'm SO envious.... you met my idol Asahi, I'd give everything to meet her once in my lifetime. Did ThatJapaneseGirl translate or is Asahi's English quite good? You so fit into the whole Japan scenery, you look like a Japanese yourself (and I hope it doesn't offend you!)

thomas said...

Wah! You're really the Miss Camwhore.

Miss N said...

you're so gorgeous....

Sharon said...

amazing blog..for once, i feel like dressing up ^.^

of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

how nice to be able to meet up with youtubers..and you're gorgeous (including your frens ;)

@ThisIsCakes said...

I look way too drunk in these pics. Please, make me open my eyes in the future!

SneakyLily said...

The red trench=WIN! Psssh why stick with boring black. I miss wearing my melbourne boots when i'm in malaysia, but sometimes I sneaky my shoeboots for a walky anyway.

Elisa ♥ said...

awesomeee!!!! yay for the meetup :D and y'll look gorgeous =D i love manwomenfilm haha =D