Guest Speaker For KOSE Workshop With Niu Er 牛爾 (女人我最大) and TICKETS to GIVEAWAY~

Winners announced here :

Hiya dblchinis~

I'm invited to be Guest speaker (Together with Chantana) for KOSE Singapore's workshop with

Robin Niu A.K.A NIU ER牛爾,


Which will b held over 2 days:
21st August 5.30- 7.30 pm
22nd August 3-5pm

Incase u do not know, he is the awesome Taiwanese guru for 女人我最大.
You can check out more details over here!
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Tickets are going at $30 (fully redeemable for KOSE products)
U can get them at Kose Beauty Counters
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I'm giving out 5 TICKETS IN TOTAL for workshop on 22nd August 3-5pm!!!
(3 will b on youtube and 2 tickets over here)


So this is very very easy.
U just have Comment "enter me" below
(It would be good if you can follow my blog)
And 2 random winners will b chosen!

The contest rules are rather similar to youtube, except that u must b a subbie to my youtube channel.
so do check out my video here to double ur chances of winning!

Last but not least, thanks to KOSE workshop for the awesome invite!

Note : Giveaway will end on Wed 18th Aug 12pm Singapore time and winners will b Announced shortly.

* Tickets are fully sponsored by KOSE Singapore


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followed ya on blog, twitter and youtube. XD

Susie said...

Oooo, how exciting =)

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I follow ur blog, youtube and even stalk u! U look so pretty in every pics, totally in love with u!!

Redberry said...

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wei teng said...

I sooo so so so want to go but I cant, I'm working this weekend. :( Have fun and post vidz can can? I wanna see you speak chinese!

Peh said...

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dblchin (double chin) said...

Contest closed, winners will b announced/contacted shortly

Pls note that @Susie and @wei teng entries are not counted thus Random number will b chosen based on 19 entries.

Anonymous said...

Hi DBLchin,

Saw your post on the Niu Er Workshop. Am interested to get in touch with him. Planning to organise similiar beauty talkshow with him as invited guest.

Also, the makeup stylist Kevin as well.

Any leads to get in touch with both of them?

Thanks lots!

Contactable at