[GIVEAWAY] Kate Cosmetics 3 prizes in total!

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Hi dblchinis

Some of you might hv known that I tweeted about my giveaway Kate Cosmetics a while ago...
so here it is!
2 big bags of goodies fully sponsored by them!

We had a bloggers makeup competition (READ HERE) previously & best video gets Gold hard cash!

So guess who won?

yay to me!

N0w YOU DBLCHINIS will also be getting Rewarded!!!!!
I'm going to give out 3 prizes in total!
Read on~

Here are the items in
Wide eyeshadow PK-1 & BR-2
Eyeliner Pencil BK-1
Felt Eyeliner Mascara Base (this product is super awesome!)
Lipstick RS-10 Loose Foundation OC-C

Wide eyeshadow BR-1 & BU-1
Eyeliner Pencil BK-1
Felt Eyeliner Mascara Base
Lipstick BE-9 Loose Foundation OC-D

Consolation Bag
Wide Eyeshadow BU-1 Lipstick RD-16
Initially, these 2 items are in one of the bags, I thought is pretty unfair for one winner to get more than the other. So I took the extra items out as a giveaway for you international readers to tryout!

All you need to do is
Follow me @dblchin on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway:

'Follow @dblchin & RT to win yourself a bag of beauty products from kate cosmetics. contest closed 16Feb http://www.dblchin.com/2012/02/giveaway-kate-cosmetics-3-prizes-in.html '

After tweeting, please leave a comment down below with your Twitter Handle, name and email.
That makes it easier for me to get in contact with if you are the winner.

It would be nice if you could follow my blog but this is not compulsory :)

NOTE : BAG 1 & BAG 2 only applicable to Singaporeans or Humans residing in Singapore, pets are not allowed to participate even if u try to act human. Consolation Bag is open to ALL Intentional Readers.


*Giveaway is fully sponsored by KATE COSMETICS


Linda Yeo said...

Name: Linda Yeo
Twitter: Lindaypp
Email: lindayeopp@gmail.com

Tweet on 10th Feb 9.05 AM:
lindayeo @lindaypp

[GIVEAWAY] Kate Cosmetics 3 prizes in total! networkedblogs.com/tMzyW (via @dblchin ) Let me be the WINNER !! HUAT AH !

Sochii Kamiya and Andelia Rehauste said...

Name: sochii
Twitter: @sochii_andelia
Mail: sochiibuip@gmail.com

Tweeted, retweeted and even replied you~ *laughs* GREAT GIVEAWAY

www.missytiffany.blogspot.com said...

Name : Tiffany
Twitter Name : Tiffanywong
Email: tingting_6765@hotmail.com
Retweet @ 9am on 10-2-12

;) Hope I will be the lucky winner and I will do up a post on my blog !
Waiting for your good news !

jennifer huang said...

Name: Jennifer Huang
Twitter: Kerrbeee
email: kerr.beee@gmail.com

Tweet: 2:37 PM - 10 Feb 12https://twitter.com/#!/KerrBeee/status/167784117696593920

Anonymous said...

Samantha Wong

Cheers (:

Kiyora said...

Name : Kiyora
Twitter Name : xkiyora
Email: kiyora.chen@gmail.com

Congratulations and you look gorgeous as usual in the look!

LOL!! Did any pet took part in your giveaway before?

Pang Jie Jie said...

Name: Pang Jie Jie
Twitter: @foowinnie
Email : winniefoo.hn@gmail.com

Retweet on 10 feb

Congrats that you won the makeup competition. Really nice.

Anonymous said...


Retweeted ❤❤❤

Cherie said...

Handle: @thornzonroses
Name: Cherie Ng
Email: cherie.n@live.com

Ivy Lim said...

Hello! Thank you for organizing such a wonderful giveaway!
And congratulation on winning!!

My twitter handle: @ParamourVin
Name: Ivy Lim
Email: hothotshortie@live.com.sg

Tweeted on 10 Feb, 11:24

I hope I win!

Anonymous said...

Name: Marilyn Lim
Twitter : @marilynlim
Email: missy.gissy@gmail.com

Tweeted on 10 Feb, 11:46

Congrats in winning the competition ! (: Cheerios ! (:(:

DEEBZ said...

Name: Deebz
Twitter: @deebzlitterati
Email: deebzlitterati@gmail.com

I've RT-ed the tweet that you have tweeted on the giveaway on 10/02/2012 12.30pm. :)

Thank you in advance! <3

Little Asian Girl said...

Name: Madelyn
Twitter: @MadelynLiew
Email: madelyn_liew@hotmail.com

Tweeted on 12:50 PM - 10 Feb 12.

I would be in the international reader category. Congrats on winning the makeup competition. Hope you win more of these then there may be more chances of a giveaway... hehe.. :)

April Kwong said...

Name: April Kwong
Twitter: @araphoenix
Email: araphoenix@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Name: Elaine Chang
Twitter: @Elaine4059
Email: elaineechang@yahoo.com.sg

Thank you for this generous giveaway.

lifong said...

Name: Neo Li Fong
Twitter: @nlifong
Email: nlifong@gmail.com

Tweet on 10Feb2012 11:28

Wish I can get this as vday pressie! =)

Carol said...

Name: Carol Chua
Twitter: @carolchua
Email: carolchua@hotmail.com

Thank you for this giveaway! I have been wanting to try KATE cosmetics for ages :)

Blackswan said...

Hey, pretty cool giveaway! I'm already following u, dear :)

Tweeted: 10 Feb @ https://twitter.com/dblchin/statuses/167774903918002177

Name: Shirley Tay aka Blackswan
Twitter: @blackswanst
Email: blackswanst@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello, congratulations on winning!

Tweeted: 10 Feb

Name: Vonne Chua
Twitter: @vonnechua
Email: vonnechua@live.com.sg

Carrie said...


Tweeted 10 Feb, 5pm

Twitter Handle: @cambelles
Name: Carrie Sim
Email: rach.carrie@gmail.com

Darlene Zhuang said...

Name: Darlene
Twitter: Deardarlz
email> darlenechng@hotmail.com
thks, always look great!

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

ahhhh KATE cosmetic!!! <3
Although i am not from the Singapore but i still wanted to retweet for you hahaha


Lulu said...

Name: Lulu
Twitter: @LuluFleg
Email: redalepou(at)yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Stay pretty always ! :)

twitter- bellyda
name- Lee Bel
email- stupidcupid_@live.com

coldkohmew said...

twitter- coldkohmew
name- Koh Jun Jie Jason
email- coldkohmew@hotmail.com

hevn said...


*sits in a corner and sulks*


fidelistoh said...

Name: Fidelis
Twitter: @fidelistoh
Mail: fidelistoh@gmail.com

Woots! kate kate kate! <3

Winnie said...

Name: Xiang Lin
Twitter: @missy_xl
Mail: missywinniepooh@gmail.com

Thank you for organising the giveaway. <3

slowbrogal said...

Awesome giveaway!! Cross-fingered!!

Twitter: slowbrogal
Name: Cynthia
Mail: slowbrogal@gmail.com

CAMILLA said...

I don't leave in SG though someone can ship it to me :) hehehe

NAME: camilla
twitter: @bubbleliciouzz
mail: camilla.monix@gmail.com

iStrawberrii said...

Name: Tammy
Twitter: iStrawberrii
Email: 999tammy@gmail.com

Love your blog <33
I'm an international reader(:

Jmeelaii said...

Name: Jamie Lai
Twitter: JmeeLaii
Email: jamieklai@hotmail.com

hehe you're really sweet to take into account the international readers too! I was soo sad when I saw the notice about the first two bags x) but thank you for the consolation bag to let us international readers have a chance as well! :)

Shanice Foh said...

Name: Shanice Foh
Twitter: princess_foh
Email: beyon13@yahoo.com

[GIVEAWAY] Kate Cosmetics 3 prizes in total! http://networkedblogs.com/tMzyW (via @dblchin ) Let me be the WINNER !! HUAT AH !

Nicol said...

Twitter: gerrinic
Name: Nicol Chan
Email: juz.nic@gmail.com


Yijing said...

Twitter: vainpot94
Name: Yi Jing
Email: yijing94@hotmail.com

The prizes look amazing!

♥Sarah♥ said...

Thank you for the giveaway!

Twitter: Sarah_Ser
Name: Sarah
Email: friends_forever_1155@hotmail.com

lady ck said...

twitter: cindykho
name: cindy
email: kho.cindy@gmail.com

<3 thank you!

Jacelyn said...

Name: Jacelyn
Twitter: @daintyflair
Email: jacelyn.sng@gmail.com

Gimme naoooo! :p

Anonymous said...

Twitter name : xxDreamy
Name : Dorothy
email : Mortalepeccati@gmail.com

thankyou :)

QiQi said...

Name: Rui Qi
Twitter: Angelqiqi
Email: rachelqiqi-tan@hotmail.sg

Retweet on 14th Feb ^^

Thanks for organizing this awesome giveaway! hope to be one of the lucky winners^^

gaby said...

Name: Gaby J.
Twitter: @g_gaby_gaby
Email: gabjuk@hotmail.com

Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/g_gaby_gaby/status/169149547635933184

kawaiikimuchi said...

Name: Naomi H.
Twitter: @kawaiikimuchi
email: hashbrowns_88@hotmail.com

tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/kawaiikimuchi

Krystal said...

Name: Krystal Tan
Twitter: Krystaldayys
email: email.krystal@ymail.com

tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Krystaldayys/status/169791906052718592

shel said...

Thank you for the giveaway!

Twitter: shils01
Name: Shilpa
Email: arora_shilpa@yahoo.com


shimmerpole said...

Name: Jien
Twitter: bouncinaround
email: byb.onsugar@gmail.com

tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/bouncinaround/status/169968984643473409

Christina said...

Name: Christina
Twitter: Christsj
Email: suthasinee.christina@gmail.com

RT-ed on 10 Feb ^_^