Bio Essence celebrity challenge! Never win but nvm!


Hellloooooooo dblchinis~

I miss you alllllll! even it has only been like 1 day , is like I've waiting for a lifetime to blog to you *epic expression*

ok anyways... This time i'm going to talk about some hot stuff, no pun man, no pun,
is literally 'hot' to burn your excess unwanted inches around the body.

I'm introducing you the Celebrity's Choice Inchloss body cream from Bio Essence (SGD33.90)
Actually is a challenge la but unfortunately I never win coz I know u dblchinis will attempt to throw rotten eggs and bitch slap my face and scream till I go deaf claiming that I need not lose weight If I won.
I'm kinda comfortable in my own skin but this is not about purely losing weight, is about toning up the body burning the unwanted fats and eliminating the cellulite.

So I took up this 7 days challenge,
but still... I never win.

This crazy power pack have ingredients that carries 2X* strength and work 2X harder with its 24hrs intense heat sensation to burn stubborn fatty deposits and shed EXTRA inches off targeted areas.


They have awesome active ingredients that helps with speeding up the burning process like :

Bio Energy Fluid, rich in mineral elements and trace mineral elements, promotes the renewal of skin cells and refines body contours by enhancing the effectiveness of other active ingredients by breaking them into smaller molecules.
Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence is rich in proteins, amino acids, enzymes & various vitamins to provide effective nourishment to skin cells to burns excess fats and accelerate the firming process.
edible items like Capsicum,Ginger, Pineapple, Ginseng as well as Caffeine

Try a moderate amount on your skin when u squeeze them out of the tube, you wouldn't wana to set arson on yourself by applying too much.

comes in semi-opaque paste
it is easily absorbed into the skin and also carries moisturizing effect.
But becareful not to apply at sensitive areas like the folds of your inner elbow joints, knee joints , intimate areas.
It might cause irritation for you.
Heat level is periodic, sometimes it hurts like a Bitch and sometimes I feel nothing. So I kinda gotte used to it already.

Another product from Bio Essence is the Celebrity's Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub (sgd25.90)

This product promotes blood and oxygen circulation while showering for a smoother, firmer and slimmer looking body.
It comes with an exfoliating effect to remove dead skin cells during shower.

Product looks almost transparent with a red tint.
Same as what I've mentioned earlier, in order not to feel like you r walking on fire (credits: Keri, walking on air) , avoid the sensitive areas.
But how to during shower?
ok this is what I do.
After I'm done soaping myself, I'll use the Celebrity's Choice Shower scrub at the specific areas I need to reduce, usually they recommend you to use a clean towel to wipe off the foam before rinsing them off.
But I cupped my hands to contain the foam instead, so I can rinse it with ease without burning my pussycat.

As I've mentioned is a challenge remember?
Lets checkout how much I lost overall~

The winner lost 12 cm, can u blive tat???
yea u better beliber it!

Yes I'm still using it even though the contest in over, can't wait to shed those ugly love handles!


-Bio Essence is available in all major drugstores.

*I'm not paid to blog this.


hevn said...

Uhhhh tempting, so tempting.. I really need help with my thighs and this sound better than liposuction XD

나니 said...

WOAH that's quite tempting, aye? D': I have some ugly-ass thighs : / sadly I think surgery is the only way to fix them tho..

Btw, I LOVE your makeup! You RULE those lashes with liner! Damn girl ; D

baby.xi said...

Wah, so tempting! But did you notice any difference on your skin? Like has the texture changed etc?

Blair said...

12 cm?!!!! OMG that's amazing! But I have to say, even losing 2 cm like what you did will be very appreciated as well LOL

alycie said...

12cm?! I NEED this stuff so bad
My thighs are so thick > <

Hyuna said...

ahh thanks for posting up this blog entry! i've been looking for a cream like this to hlep me with my diet~ :)

Pop Champagne said...

whoa that helps with losing weight like that?! I NEED to try it, not on like my boobs, they're small enough as is LOL but firming up my thighs would be ideal :D