Toga dress @ Marina Bay sands

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaa dblchinis!!!!!!!

Yes many bdays to attend recently, this is driving me crazy u know u know not?
All these bday people either just pass the legal age of smoking or almost legal to watching adult films.
For me... I'm just like waiting to set foot in the grave.

well... Regardless, I dressed my best to attend the very lovely 18th bday of Ying Zi (show u her photo later)

I rarely wear Toga but this dress is too awesome to b missed, think I bought this for $10 at bukit panjang cheapo shop, everything inside sell $10 but some maxi dresses are going at $25.

Love the blue based body with floral prints.

I had a skinny waist belt on coz this toga is completely shapeless if u wear it by itself.

ok Basically just camwhoring pose.

For the makeup, I'm wearing Top lashes bought from Sasa & bottom from dolly wink. I totally adore dolly wink lashes so freaking much
Of course the contact lenses brought more intensity to my eyes, Wearing hazel by focus dailies.

Using the Majolica Majoric Palette, place a deep hue of browns at the outer corner and peach at the inner.

So Let me bring you to the famous Gambling dent at Marina Bay sands.
Ok la not only they are famous for casinos but they have huge variety of recreation activities. I'll bring u to that later.

Check out the bday girl first.
yes Miss hello kitty freak (centre) is given a Majong set by her lovely friends and cousins.

Every tile in engrave with the hello Kitty hugearse face.
Sry I'm n0t a fan but that srsly look cute in here.


And the Dice from Hello kitty.
Can be more cute or not?

So I got to know some friends 7 took a photo with my cousin's classmate, Leon the photographer
how cme everyboardy so young? FML Max.

They have a nice bathroom.
But the excess space quite useless, can do what? Skipping?

But I srsly love the rooms, unfortunately is kinda crowded that I only manage to take backs of people instead of the room.

Humongous mirror at the doorway for chances of camwhoring.

waiting for the lift to head up to the most sought for area

The Sands SkyPark Pool areaPhotobucket

Omg, this is the panorama view of the Pool that stretches a gazillion meters.
Sorry my iphone not very panorama but I'm sure u get it.

Jacuzzi anyone?
No one will know if you pop a fart.

Yongwei (right) is sucha darling, he managed to send me the photos he took so I could post it up on my blog. Thanks YW~
Oh yea the handsome young man on my left is Gene he has got better skin than me. Don't stop me, I'm setting my other foot in the grave.

And the clumsy fella here on my left is....

Coz he wetted his pants!

Nice meeting u guys~

Matching my black heels with the dress.

WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD YingzI! (well almost...)

A finale piece of me inducing your loss of appetite



Ice Pandora said...

Happy birthday to all ofyour friends haha!
Gosh so jealous about the dresses you have bought for cheapo bucks!
Love the HK presents really!
And you look pretty as alwasy :)


Mike Yip said...

Should have taken a shot of yourself with all those cameras hung around your neck. LOL

dblchin (double chin) said...

@Ice Pandora I m getting too oldddddddddd!!!

@Mike Yip I thought I seen the pix somewhere with the gazillion cameras....

Anna said...

The dress looks stunning on you and light-weight enough to survive the summer night heat of Singapore

Elisa ♥ said...

Lovely picturessss dblchin :D !!! The dress looks awesome on you.. those dolly lashes and sasa lashes are looking great on ya as well :D jealous!!

Hayley said...

I love your toga dress, simple yet nice!

Maeve Rachel said...

I love your dress! And the sasa lashes are really pretty! Looks like so much fun!! Happy Birthday to your friend! That pool looks amazing!!!! I want... =P

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

wow wow wow... amazing outfit and beautiful makeup! You totally rocked everything ^_^ Getting old is not always a good thing.. I feel old but I guess you also get to experience life differently as you grow older!

Sheoh Yan said...

Very nice Toga dress that you wore. Make up is natural.

sugar sugar said...

you look absolutely stunning hun! :) love the dress and your makeup. you are so pretty! <3