Evening hangout with my former techno buddies

Hi dblchinis!!!

I did a light brown eye makeup for an evening hangout!
But I'm terribly sorry, I duno y is it not showing.

Anyways if the colour is not showing, then just look at my face ....
I know very dbl also like my chin

And check out my teeth!
Is freaking STRAIGHT!!!
Thanks Orchard Scotts,
this is crazy... I never imagine myself have straight teeth fully subsidized by INVISALIGN!

To compliment with those eye clrs, I wore focus dailies in hazel
They are all dried up, preparing to throw them away~

I had an awesome nightout with my frds at fruits paradise (plz sing) they serve really yummy cakes!

Later we went for a short chill at Timbre Substation, man I love this place and their pizza.
I'm wearing a simple spag top with denim shorts & a butt length cardi from Cotton On.

My bestie, we fought thru the yesteryears with techno and trance~

Yep, that's it for my short short post, just like my height.

Toodles dblchinis!!!


Hayley said...

I feel that your falsies outshine your eyeshadow liao =P

Anna said...

Wow, perfect teeth, honey bee. And I just can't get over how insanely cute and skinny you are, you have so many adorable features I'd like to put in my purse ;___; Gonna steal Clara and take her with me to Germany!

Florence said...

you look so cute! followed your awesome blog dearie
hope you do the same
you look greatl! Love this post!
check out my newest silly post !


yiqin; said...

maybe i should start wearig contacts!

Ice Pandora said...

You look as usual dear ^^
I've wore 1,5 year my braces to get straigh teeth lools..


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so pretty. x hivenn