Stronger healthier lash with Foltene Lash serum

Hola dblchinis!

Someboardy snt me this!!!!
Wee~ wee~ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
Yes is the Foltene lashes~

I always wanted to try this out over the shelves at our local Watsons stores but m always hesitating whether to get it or not coz the price is a little on the high side.
but I think god heard my prayers,
he snt his rep to give this it to me with one condition: to review about this truthfully.

ok a little about foltene lash treatment:

Foltene is a lash serum that focus on strengthening the lashes at the same time giving it thickness as well as restoring your lashes making them soft and conditioned.
*exclaimed WOW*

In addition to that,
They've also won a title, check out that hugeass violet sticker at the bottom corner , it says 'Best Beauty Buys from Women's weekly'
Well... I'm truly sold.

It is made exactly like a mascara wand, easy to use
if you take a closer look, you can see the essence sticking on the bristles, they are the goodness to your lashes.

However, Is not easy to get your lash coated with the essence, I had to re apply a couple of times to lay over my lashes.
Use the serum before your basic makeup.
Eg. before mascara or on a clean face., I use it twice a day on before I apply all my skincare products, in that way the wand will not get contaminated easily.

So I've been using it for a month or so already....

Look! how long my lashes are right now~
k is just falsies.
Comon gimme a chuckle~

Come check out the real deal.
My lashes,
They have indeed grew fuller however I didn't really see a difference in the length
but, but, but...
little hairs has been sprouting at the bare areas so yessss to baby hair!

The pic on the right is taken after I applied the lash serum. As u can see there a bits of residue accumulated at the lash area, so try not to over-apply as it might trap bits of remnants on your eyes like bread crumbs like that.

The Foltene is giving away 2 lash treatment for u dblchinis~!!!

All you need to do is to follow my blog or Twitter @dblchin
comment 'ENTER ME' below to win!
(sorry this is only applicable to those residing in Singapore)

I will pick 2 winners and you will well b on ur way to thicker healthier lashes~.

Please do not leave ur comment entered as Anonymous, it will be tough to pick from, at least leave down ur bloglink or an email add.

Contest closed 28th Apr thur 2359 singapore time.
I Very good right? In Army camp already lights off by 2200.

Please also remember 'Like' foltene Facebook page,

I'm sure they will b having great promotions from time to time for you dblchinis!

Thats all for now~

*I'm not paid for this review.


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D: -sadbecausei'mnotfromSingapore-
Oh well good luck for the rest of you! xx

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Enter Me! Liked & followed =)

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boehoe singaporeans only =( lol I do see that its a bit longer than first ^^ seems to work a bit :D

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Enter me please!!
Ur lashes are lovely!!

dblchin (double chin) said...

@Rynaque, apologies! Yes changed the header already

Anonymous & Cindy, can u leave down a link or email address? Thanks~

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I have friggin stumpy and short lashes, save me!

So yes:



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WOW, it really works! I can see a HUGE different!!

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Hello Dblchin!
:) You're a very pretty blogger. <3
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Interesting! I need this badly, LOL :D

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I can see the difference is huge.

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Tempted to write "ENTER ME".... too bad I'm not residing in Singapore :(

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your blog so nice and useful :) hehe for girls XD

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This product is becoming so popular,many brands you can find today.

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I LOVE to have volume & long lashes !!

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Any update?

dblchin (double chin) said...

Hi all, Sorry to inform you that winners will be announced next week~