Outdoor photoshoot with Les Affaires Summer 2011

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Hi dblchinis!!!

Is another lingerie post from

This time is different... Ya I went out to the woods to shoot n best of all, people that drive by, slowed down to take a look.
Embarrassing I tell you... But is all worth it coz the photos turn out awesome!

I've blogged about working with David, an aspiring photographer with loads of passion in my previous post (read here).
So here is another photoshoot collaboration with David as well.

I really enjoyed working with him, love the fact that he capture awesome angles, not the best but I'm sure he'll b a great one in future.

Before I proceed to the collection, lets checkout their very...
Les Affaires, a French-inspired sleepwear/loungewear brand, celebrates the official opening of its first flagship store at Wisma Atria with a grand opening ceremony held at 1000hrs on 29 April 2011.

They invited our local artist Joanne Peh for the opening and cutting of the ribbon. At the same time, Ase Wang, world renowned model and acress also grace the event as well.
The first lady on the left is non other than Les Affaires Boss, Felicia. She looks so feaking young and pretty can!
We also have the bosses of Ghimli cutting the labbin.

The opening ceremony showcases Les Affaires’ Spring/Summer 2011 Collection that features more than 120 designs, allowing customers to mix and match according to their individual styles and preferences.

Prices range from S$19.90 for a pair of shorts to S$85 for pieces from the bridal collection.
Les Affaires firmly believes that comfortable and quality sleepwear is an essential part of an individual’s wardrobe and fashion their collection with utmost attention to detail.

As I've mentioned before high quality cotton fabrics are being used in the final product to achieve maximum comfort.

This time round Les Affaires brought in so many interesting elements for summer.

Lets wait no more and take a look at the awesome collection~

Fleur Blanche
Like the waves in the ocean, soft, gentle & warm in Summer.


Les Affaires always manage to come out with pretty designs that emphasize so much on comfort-ability

this is a eyelet dress in baby blue, ruffles at the bust area enhances the entire outlook of this dress plus u it made my boobs look bigger, illusion baby.


Check out the dainty little bows at either sides of the straps, majorly cute right?!

This is quite a bedroom dress, so it will definitely look weird if you wear it out to the street BUT this is excellent for showing off to sleep, Srsly! this is so comfortable even thought looks a little complicated. yea...


Light layers in sweet colours make a perfect summer dessert. Savour the delight & indulge

I tell you this is my favorite of the lot.

The detailing is superb!
It has a combination of lace, soft mesh and polka dots.
You can pair this up with les affaires Long sleeve cardi which is available in the store!
I bought the cardi at a 40% off!


It looks super wearable to important events, just add on a waist belt u are good to go!

I'm so gonna dress myself with this to a wedding someday!
Is not too long yet not too short, but if you are afraid of the translucency, u can wear a pair of nude safety shorts inside.

Final collection for summer:

Fairy Bluet
Twinkles of fantasy and a tinkle of blush, soft & blue likens to Summer Clouds in the sky


I'm not wearing anything from the fairy bluet collection but I had on this majorly comfy top and bottom.
The fabric is so so soft....
This fits me just right, is like wearing nothing at all srsly...

This fits most asian size, I'm wearing XS for my top and size S for my bottom.
They have sizes up to XL, so U need not worry about not finding the right size for you

How can a set of dormwear b so comfortable yet with so intricate detailing?
I'm truly lucky, Thank you Les Affaires.

GREAT SINGAPORE SALE 2011 is 1/2 way gone but is still not too late to head down to
Les Affaires Boutique @ Wisma Atria, Level 3 for a pleasant surprise...

is a huge discount of to 40% off Les Affaires collection.
While Stocks Last, so hurry now!
Toodles dblchinissssssssssss!!!

Les Affaires
Les Affaires
Les Affaires
Les Affaires

*Opening ceremony pics by Les Affaires fanpage
*photoshoot pics by David Goh


yvonne said...

Fashionable and comfortable nighties... I like the range from Fairy Bluet ;)

Umihoney said...

They are all so nice and sweet. You are so kawaii too.
Thanks for sharing

Nava.K said...

Nice fashion, I like the soft pastel colors.

Blair said...

Pretty! I usually laze around in a T-shirt and shorts *face palms*

Hayley said...

Nice shots! Hmm, I wonder did you get mosquitoes bites during the shooting? :P

Uma Preve said...

Cool shots... Nice outfits too!

Maeve Rachel said...

Love the Roselaine and the Bluet ones! So pretty/comfy looking =)

hevn said...

So pretty~!!!

They look so comfy I'm jealous..

Evinde said...

Beautiful photos :) I love everything nature and woods related stuff.You look so pretty and adorable on the photos!:)

sugar sugar said...

i have kid-like pajamas. i am so uncool! LOL!
you look stunning in the pictures dear! :) so pretty! <3

Cik Bucken said...


Sheoh Yan said...

I like Fairy Bluet range, so comfy and lovely.

nude photography said...

Another great set for the photo shoot. You are a natural when it comes to this.