Overtime Fun @ Dempsy~

Hi Dblchiniz!

This entry is a slightly special one....

Because I broke my virginity... dedicating this entry to food!!!

I'm mad crazy when June, Yz & Yongwei extended their invite to me for a food tasting session @


(Blk 18, 18E, Dempsey Road Singapore 249677. T: 6472 4388)

The below pic are stolen from June, Darren & Super-Girl respectively. I really put in so much effort in ripping the pics from their website, hv to make sure the food looks good and at the same time I look chio.
Man... this is all hardwork...

Overtime serves a huge variety of food, the menu makes u wana take a bite.
& of course...

BEER~This their very main brew Starker Beer, the German style of brewing.

It comes in a barrel,

And before you start pumping the beer into your pint glasses

U need to hammer the nozzle into this mini barrel...
Yz giving all her might to nail it.

So when the deed is done, U get mouth watering goodness.
Not too much though, no one wants to uninviting trouble with drunkards.

Gd food comes along the way too, your uncontrolled salivation may begin now.

Satay- comes in chicken or pork.

Overtime serves a skewered mix of pork, chicken, beef, western delights.

as well as Platter and platter of food....

srsly, sometimes I also duno what m I chewing but I don't care! I just eat.

What are these called?
Can't remember, Jumbo German Dogs or something...
Yes They are MASSIVE, do check it out with ur man tonight.

Acting like a pro but my shooting sucks like how u sucked that paddle pop of yours.

Basically We are just lemming for a fun night out with everyone, I love the ambience of the place, is not filled with loud crazy music or annoying livebands. Just enough for everyone to get together and break the ice.

O well...dblchin is very happy to meet these beautiful ladies.
As well as the boys.
You can also check them out at their Holland V outlet @ 25 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277684. T: 6465 8368

Till then, TOODLES~!!!

*I'm not paid to blog this but I've indeed gouge myself out like a swine.


Hayley said...

I've been to Overtime once, the one at Puchong, Selangor, tried their Starker beer (which I quite like ^^) but din't order any food. Yours look not bad!

thatjapanesegirl said...

They look good! I'm hungry now. Love your blog <3

Ruiting said...

YAY for food blogging!

sugar sugar said...

everything looks so good dear! looks like you had loads of fun again! :p haha!

Sheoh Yan said...

All food looks yummy. Remember the name, Overtime.