Singapore Tattoo show

hey hi dblchinis~!

I'm always avid a fan of body art.
Yes...I have inked on me.

people are surprise when they discover tatts on me in places they never expect to c.
Well...I don't normally come up to them and lift up my bloody dress and shove my 2nd skin into their face, so yea...

& yes,

they are very personal to me.
Anyways is no big deal with mine.

if u dblchinis are interested in getting inked or waiting to fill ur canvas up with colours

U should checkout
Singapore's very own boutique tattoo show.
They feature very talented artist from all around the world.
U have Japan, China, Aussie, Zurich &
our very own,


But in my heart, there is only 1 great artist.

Shane Tan
And I have something to say to him :
'wah lau, I know u 1/2 way across the blardi globe and u are no where to b seen. nbcb, we all fucking miss you and u r often so busy. But regardless, zj & I are proud of ur achievements and u r indeed a talent, so please don't die young.
Last but not least, u better pay a visit soon to ur ex son Richie. '

I've seen other artist do their work, not many, but still I have to say shane does the most amazing artwork, his colour pigments are so strong & the outlines are freaking defined.
even during his years of art college, he excels in his very own way.
He looks like a complete slacker, even in school (yes, we r frm the same art institution) but life tells me never judge a book by its cover because his project submission is always effortlessly executed.
& uber hardworking when no one's looking. at home.
(yes, unfortunately he is my bf's ex neighbor, always come and borrow 'valuable items' frm us.)

His fame has reached all the way to Europe and now I'm sure he is making his way across the globe.
But no doubt he still looks like a slacker. nontheless.

I think he is back home(singapore) for a good amount of time, if you guys are interested in getting inked, don't hesitate to drop him an email.

ok enough of him, he never pay me ok to blog abt this ok.
nb shane, u ought to compensate me all the years I took care of richie, check out how cute he is now.

Anyways bk to the tattoo show.
Galaxy tattoo will be the main organizer of the tattoo show. Interested parties should ought to get ur ass down and join in the fun.

U can join their fanpage for more details on the artist lineups.
So, Lets put our hands, limbs, arms, legs, joints up and support the art of inking.

Too bad I can't b there, I'm flooding David Guetta at zoukout with all my love. But to get him, someone said I had to beat that Gorilla his wife down.

Erm... I guess I'll b better off dancing in the background.


*I'm not affiliated with neither Galaxy tattoo nor Sg tattoo show, thus I'm not paid to blog this. I'm just a lover for painted canvas.


Michelle Chin said...

You should ask him to ink you as a form of compensation!

Toni Tralala said...

What a cute little doggie! :)

I love body art! I have 3 tattoos and contemplating on getting a 4th one. <3

Bananazஇ said...

tQ for dropping by and sorry the I-Ching was too heavy for ya. Wow first time ever to be so near a close up make up. Salute all the ladies with their 'steady' hand as for me guess would have poke the eyes a few times haha.

Shingo T said...

It takes alot of guts to be tattooed. I will say pass for now, tattoos will invite curiosity, and I'm lazy to answer them "I don't need a reason to be tattooed."

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

That was a sweet tribute to your friend. And that is cool that you have body art. Should I check any past posts to see it? If is too personal, no problem. Sounds like that tattoo show wold be really cool to visit. :-)

나니 said...

Hahaha, your dog is so cute <3

Man, I love tattoos! And piercings as well.. but yeah, everything with moderation. I don't like people with 20 lip rings and 30 eyebrow piercings. I used to have an eyebrow piercing. Got it when I was 15 and my mom wanted to kill me. xD Hahah I loved it tho <3

Thanks for your comment btw! Yeah, my old employee better get his ass movin' before I whip it with a big knife Ò__ó/ *fist of fury* I'm sending in some paperwork for them today.. they better give me my money! Grr!