Les Affaires- your new comfort for the night (and day)

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hey hey dblchinis!!!!
Pls tell me I'm not dreaming....
*pinch myself really hard in the eye*

Because I'm now a


Brand Ambassador~!

Les Affaires, a french inspired sleepwear the relies very much on comfort, making its outfit breathable,

at the same time,
not forgetting the intricate details that accentuates a woman's figure.

The awesome thingy about Les Affaires is, their versatility could be also seen as day outfits instead of just purely worn for sleeping.

So the very excited dblchin headed down to the office for a briefing...

Their past summer collection.
If is fitted for a goddess, I must be a dblchin goddess.

The entire company must be immerse into this comfy feel, so is the ladies. Photobucket
poetry... lemme try that...

dblchin, dblchin,
The girl with dblchin,
Now she's a les affaire dblchin goddess,
with 10 times more girly in her dblchin,
I mean shes still a dblchin.

...epic fail at poetry.

U'll b amazed at their fall and holiday collection.
Is sooooooooo sexyyyy yet wearable~!

some of their current collection for summer and their very special 'wedding collection' (middle poster)

Les affaires has a 6 retail locations in Singapore and coming.
They also have also conquered 1/2 of asia and Amercia with their sexy yet comfy apparels

& now,

slowly making its way to Japan *screams*!

They have also recently held a 'Les Affaires Naughty and Nice Fashion show' at our very own non other than...

, Robertson Quay
*patriotic face*
The settings on the runway are filled with seductive tropical ambiance.
More photos of the fashion show here

So Lets wait no more,

Come check out these apparels

Baby Doll dress set


Short Cardigan with Batwing Sleeves & Waist Tie


How I match this outfit to the streets???

Watch on!

I've paired the top pieces with my latex leggings
The sultry top instantly toned down the stark glossy leggings making it more soft and sweet to the entire look.

And is COTTON!
Totally breathable!!!

U need to have fun with your nighties.
Yes I still chew on my pillow.

Now lose the bat-wing cardi aside....
And is still as wearable for sleep, home parties, playtime with mate

even out on the streets~!
The satin bow tie makes this entire outfit cute and sexy !
Who says u can't have best of both worlds?!

I love the ruffles around the bust area,
I dunno y...
Can I just say it gives me an illusion of bigger boobs?
I'm trying to poise the 'femme fatale' look over here

but....EPIC FAILURE...

If you love their collection as much as I do, don't forget to join their fanpage

Les Affaires

And last but not least, all dblchin readers get a 25% off their purchase when they shop at


Just type in 'DBLCHINLES' at the apply Promo Code section and you, dblchinis will get a 25% discount instantly!

so shop now!!!


Oh before you go, I'll be wearing the Batwing Sleeves cardi waist tie to zoukout2010,
so stay tune for the pics ~!
And also stay tune for the more outfits that I'll b wearing...

Thank you Les Affaires~



*~kAy~* said...

very pretty <3

Sheoh Yan said...

Wow! You transformed nighties to something that you could wear out. I love nighties, but I guess my husband loves it more.

yvonne said...

Brilliant idea to transform nighties to day wear. Such beautiful garment should not only hide in the bedroom, right? ;)

citrella said...

WOW! nice, very tempting.

Anonymous said...

so nice!! been wanting to try nighties!!

小心 said...

its really pretty!!!!

AtelierGal said...

The purple apparel is gorgeous!

Vanilla said...

looks gorgeous when u top them with the leggings!
OMG i just stumbled upon ur blog less than 1 week but i was on my phone so i couldnt follow ur blog!
how did u come across my blog?
wishhh me really luck to pass the exam! my preparation was like 20%!lol

Hayley said...

Very creative~
The purple one is nice!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

They look super comfortable, I'm liking some of the elegant designs, especially the bat-wing design.

Congrats as Brand Ambassador!

thatjapanesegirl said...

Wow! That's really cool!! Congrats! You are a good model :)

HitomiNeko said...

that's cool. i like to hv clothes that i can wear both in and out. ^^

@ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

@ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

hevn said...

Booo.. T.T I wanna see the pics but photobucket bandwith exceeded.

But hopefully when I come down to Singapore in April, I'll be able to go buy some :D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

ahhhh~!! YOu just look so hot and sexy!!! Really love the purple/blue one you're wearing and congrats by the way ;)