Celebrating Zoukout with Havaianas

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Yes dblchinis!

Zoukout is just 1 day AWAY!!!!
Yes is tomorrow 11 DECEMBER 2010~!


Especially when ...

very own besties gave me a freaking mani & pedi package last year for my 21st(as always) bday, I'm utilizing it today! YAY !
U know I'm so deprive, I haven't been gg for manicure and pedicure sessions since I started my aligners...

& Also when...

Zoukout tickets r proudly sponsored by Aqualabel, along with 2 of my closest friends,


I will be wearing outfit by Les Affaires,


NOW I'll be trekkin down the sands with
To make them even more EGGCITING, they are flops specially made for Zoukout 2010!!!

This pair of flops r for a limited time only,
Thus, I'm so honored to b wearing the awesome joint collaboration of these 2 big names.

I'm totally amazed by the splashed of colours that this pair of flip-flop carries,
they actually represent “A Land of Fantasia” where a whole lot of mystical, magical and mind-blowing comes to life & the design is inspired by the mystical winged Pegasus (awesome wings of the flying horse) that has burst into multiple vibrant pattern of colours.

This pair of flops will b available at the location that night, so head down,throw away ur ugly flops and get a pair of these awesome wings of horses going!

Comon, join the HAVAIANAS fanpage and get ur toes wriggling~!

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Shingo T said...

Zoukout seems like a Singapore dance pilgrimmage. I have never been to one before, but seeing so so many Facebook entries on it.

I should go Zouk and take a look one of the Decembers, before my knees crumble with age.

Rock on! =p

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Love those flip flops and the pose in the last pic :-)