Dr Jart Premium Blemish Base Cream

Hey hihi dblchinis!!!

I've been given a bottle of BB cream from Dr Jart to try.
U know how I dig bb creams!
Because they act as a sunscreen base, foundation as well as concealer U never need to worry abt buying everything from the shelf!

Lets start with my naked face!
Ahhhhh! Screamsssss!
ok dark circles, uneven skin tone, mild blemishes.
And looking awfully dull.

When I talking abt loving Bb creams, I'm not solely talking abt their cosmetic functions.

Most bb creams comes with therapeutic properties
in this case Dr Jart has anti-oxidation
(EGF, Peptide and White Gold indicated)
skin treatment effect,
which is uber essential when u r out running the entire day.
Got whitening and wrinkle improvement somemore.
Don't laugh young dblchinis,
when u past the age of 25, wrinkle prevention plays an important role in life.
It has 45++ sun protection, sun protection is the key to all aging elements such as wrinkles, burn, Spots....

Cream comes out concentrated so U probably just need a small amount for ur entire face.For those that has flawless face, pls get the hell outta here.
haha no!!! come back!!!
I mean, if ur skin is relatively good n u do not want a too heavy texture U can just select the areas that needs touch up eg. dark eye circles, T-Zone, Blemish on chin and acne areas.

And there u go, U have all the areas conceal perfectly!
u don't really c my dark circles anymore.
This is what I call a good canvas to start with.
Now u can start pouring in the colours~

Dr Jart is now out in watsons gg at $59.00! Be sure to check them out~


*Though these products are fully sponsored, every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

That does look like it worked very well. Of course it helps that you are beautiful to begin with. :-)

Shingo T said...

Oops, there is a difference before and after applying? You look great in both pics.

Kelvin said...

Still can recognize its u lah XD

Rach said...

I miss you too dear!!!

Btw my Dr Jart's BB cream cannot be squeezed out. And I have to use a safety pin to poke hole so that it can be out. Still, only a little bit came out. I've told ConfirmTradg that I won't be reviewing about it.

Rach said...

Btw forgot to say that you look great with or without Dr Jart's cream lah. Hope your skin is getting better. GO AWAY Eczema!~

araleling said...

Looks good =D
Might be good for covering up my panda eyes XD

Mei said...

Thanks for the tips!
Lols sexy 'hippopotamus' ?

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