Lip smacker & Paul Frank for this X'mas holiday~

Hey dblchiniss!!!!

Santa frank is coming to town! Now he's bringing ah Paul n lip smacker to everywand!!!

Yes! This is Another awesome collaboration between lip smacker n Paul frank~

Previous collab w coke had already boosted major tasty treats to lip lovers over here n now with paul frank???

Dblchin's believe it or not?
Believe it!!!!

The awesome gift set is taking my breath away, I'm sure it is takin urs as well~

See the awesome gift packaging, Paul frank is always a genius at pop clrs, they nv fail to make cosmetics more eggciting than this!!!

Now U have this sweetheart lip balm in clancy's cotton candy. Awww.... Pink, every girl's (well... Almost) fav clr. Smells really like milk! C my spastic face, it means I'm totally in love with the scent.

Julius the monkey is invading this coconut cream lip balm, hmmm... though the smell is nt as great as the pinky lip balm coz it is rather similar the scent as Shea butter. But still, it serves the same moisturizing purpose.

Juilius the greedy monkey once again, has it's head On the strawberry n banana lip glosses, yummy!
Yes, I need this gloss so bad!

Last but not least, our juilius Frd, worry the bear. Yes, a bear named worry is guarding this honey sweet gloss but not for long...
I'm So gonna wear it on my lips n lick it! Too bad bear, continue worrying alright?!

So monkey julius together with his frds worry bear and Clancy are loitering in this lovely pouch at selected watsons stores in Singapore!!!
But they r only here for Xmas holiday (18 nov- 29 dec 2010). so do remember to visit them ok? Or might as well bring them home so they can stay in Singapore for good!

Oh &yes~!!!
for the upcoming new year lip smackers n Paul frank r having a sneak preview sale of their lip balm n glosses launching in January 2011 Tampines Atrium Sale starting on Monday-Sunday. So do watchout for it~!

Toodles dblchinis!

*Though these products are fully sponsored, every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion.


Hayley said...

Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog earlier on~
Your lips look very 'yummylicious' after applied the lip balm, hehe :)

Sheoh Yan said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog, it was so glamour to have a pretty reader like you. Thanks for sharing this. I love the colourful make up pouch.

yvonne said...

I love lipgloss with delicious fruity smell. Couldn't stop licking my lips after apply :p

Kelvin said...

Hmmm, where are u looking when u are camwhoring?

I notice that ur eyes is never straight on the screen~

Mei said...

So cuuuute Paul Frank make-up bag & lipbalms & glosses <33

Jenny said...

i love paul frank! how super cute!
and your hair looks so cool in your first picture! :D
how'd you get it like that? :)


Lucy said...

ACK!! I want, I want, I want!!

Anonymous said...

Paul Frank rocks! Such a cute post had no idea Paul Frank did such sweet lippies!

Mooshi.Chui said...

awww paul frank!!!
those products looks sooooo kute!!
im glad i came past ur blog xD
hehe btw u have such flawless skin o_O *jealous much*

xx mooshi <3

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

I love his characters! I want to smell those as well! :-)

Fashion Cents said...

the little monkeys are so cute :)

HitomiNeko said...

oo how cute. i just got my lipgloss myself. but not Paul Frank ^^ ~~ I didn't know they make those! hehe

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh wow they make your lips look realy nice

Donna ♥ Baby said...

ahaha thats sooo cute!

BenchesandChandeliers said...

what adorable, fun colors!

BeverLy's Secret said...

Adorable collection ;)

Elisaaa (^-^)v said...

this looks so cute ^^ !

nadnut said...

Awww. Looks damn cute! perfect for xmas prezzies!

나니 said...

DAMN GIRL! You are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute <33 : D ur entries are always so fun! I love your lashes BTW! : D