Gifts from Ash and Swap with 熊貓girl


It seems like a long long time!
Thousand apologies, I know U feel like slapping me for not updating much now But I'm pretty sure u will Shower me with kisses when I post all the Japan Photos up!
Coz I FREAKING EDITED Each and Every photo out of the all 539 pics.

Ok nvm abt that, this is also a backdated post.
But anyways, I would love to thank Ash for sending me these lovely hair accessories!

She was complaining about how her duo lash glue got executed causing the glue to b unusable. So I offered to send her one from my end, since it is available everywhere in singapore.
But I didn't expect her to send me such awesome gifts!
I SERIOUSLY didn't expect anything in return Coz I know is super frustrating when Ur fav lash glue is damaged and u have to use shitty glue that comes tgther with the lashes and it is sticky like for 1 sec and falls halfway when u r out on an important date and makes ur day fucking shittier than shitty and u get what I mean right???
But shes nice, real nice to send these to me! Check our the lovely emerald green she snt!
I love it! Woooo Woooo!

And this massive Royal purple Headband.

I also got a mint green tie band!I now can do a odango bun and attach this mint green si bei chio until maximum tie band in front.

And y she snt me all these beautiful things? COZ she Reads my blog and Watch my tutorials too!!!
Awesome not?

Next Next!

I did a swap with Ani Aka 熊貓girl

She lives in Ireland (Ani, pls Correct me if I'm wrong)

Seriously I not so sure where she stays,
U ask me abt countries I'll tell you China is next to Mexico, So pls don't attempt to test me ok.

So Maybe she stays in England, Ireland, London but one thing for sure, she stays somewhere in UK.

Anyways she is a real sweetheart!
We decided to do a swap on a main item, I chose The sleek Palette & the rest is up to you-to-choose-what-to-send.
So I got my acid palette & Can u see me screaming in ecstasy?
Colour is a litte wee bit chalky But I'm sure it can b easily solve with added a base colour on ur eye before wearing on the sleek palette.

And Mask!

And not forgetting these extra goodies!

Just when I thought every was over.

I got another surprise parcel from her!
Well... Coz the first one didn't get to me on time, actually there is no deadline to our swap but we send our items out at the same time hope to receive also at the same amount of time.

well....too bad mine got stuck at the custom and she felt really bad (that's totally alright girl, u don't need to) and she send me a little extra stuff!
I love them all Missy panda!!!

I'm so bloody lucky I'm met all sorts of good people in my life.

Alright that's all for today~!

From Miss love dblchin Vain pot.



Anonymous said...

that is soo sweet of her!!! omygosh i feel like i want pin pals too haha.. wow your so pretty! im getting jealous =(

Anonymous said...

So sweet of ur friend!! :)

yvonne said...

Hi there, you are such a pretty girl (and glamorous, too XD)!! Love all your camwhore pics and make-up. And you have such thoughtful friend :)

Re my girl's condition, thanks for your well wishes...

hevn said...

I got a little worried since I don't trust the post offices but I'm glad they got to you :D

Oooo.. nice swap :D~

Zazabong said...

Nice pics~

Mei said...

Awwwww lovely pictures! Love the rosebud on top of your head ^__^ the letter is sweet o:

locke said...

nice swap! can't wait to see your Japan photos^^

Kelvin said...

U are either mad or too hardworking..539 pics leh...

Don't be to hard on urself. Looking forward to ur pics ^_^

Michelle Chin said...


HitomiNeko said...

hey there i love what u do to your eyes. so beautiful! ^^ love it. Following! <3

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
Vote for me to make my dream come true! Thx a million!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! Loving your camwhore pics!!

나니 said...

Those are AWESOME swaps/gifts!! *_*

SucceedingatFailing said...

Oh this is so great that you are exchanging gifts! thats so nice! haha thats whats so cool about blogs, its so international! the accessories are really nice as well!

thanks for the comment by the way!

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

cute cute!!! what a pretty look esp the lower lashes =)

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

^__^ glad you like them, I feel sorry still ! the photos are so pretty XD you make the stuff look nicer hehe

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

great pictures, and that is cool you had that great swap. :-)

Fashion Cents said...

i really like the bow headband!

Toni Tralala said...

I love your hair pieces! <3 I like tiny hats and oversized flowers on my hair. :)

That palette is gorgeous! <3

fasha comeback again said...
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