Skin79 Featuring dblchin in Local Mag : GLOW

Sponsored Photoshoot

Hey yo dblchinis!

Recently, I did a photoshoot with skin79.

OK is like 2 months ago! HAHA!
Pls pardon me on that, I've just gt bk from Jpn N I'm swarmed with work! Hiyo....

But nevertheless, I want u all to chk out these Behind-the-scenes photo-shoot!

There you have it! the complete look in our local mag : GLOW.
Click here to read the Article
You have the skin79 Queen of the month winner Wen Yao on your left & the Icyabstract on your right.

And of course, the infamous dblchin right at the bottom right page. (unbelievable? BUT YES thats me)
Not forgetting our celebrity ambassador Jolin Tsai, the Hardcore user of Skin79 bb cream.

Incase you have no idea what this Bb cream is all about u can read
here & here & here

I've actually did a video & I thought the music is kinda cool. All created by DC, a frd I met in Japan & I really m Addicted to his music.
Will talk abt more when I blog abt my Japan Trip.

Check out my behind the scenes video here~!

And now r u ready for Behind-the-scenes photos?

Even u r not ready I'm insisting on showing.

Hey that's me at the set!
all made up.

Testing out the rings, Deciding whether to shoot with the white or the Black one.
everyone agrees with black. FTW

Ok lets do a test shot.

Here you go.

Ok, realized need more volume is needed for the hair.

I think u r probably sick of seeing 'me' by now. lolx.
But I dun care!

Make it work! Make it work!

I'm not fully made up! can u see me with no shoes?
Is like having a conference meeting infront of the computer w nicely dressed torso and then... shorts at the bottom...Zzzz...
U get what I mean right?

Okok Lets take a break and checkout more photos of me!!!
HAHA wtf...

Some pics of us at top shelves of watsons.

Ok Zooming in to dblchin

My brother always say I just can't get enuf of myself. WTF Since when??? I dedicated one whole blog post to him ok! Read here.

Ok anyways.... lets continue digesting.

Having fun with the crown.

I love the gloves.
So awesome can!

The art director EK guiding me how to place my fingers.

Yes EK is uber awesome, u guys ought to chkout his website
He directs, shoot and edited all our photos flawless.

Feels good to b the star of the day isnt it?

Ok more guidance before The canon gets going.

Shooting with their life.
lol maximum.

Please. don't. get. sick. of. me.

Hey that's Andy? Alan?
Ok lets name him!

More touch-ups for another shoot.

Seriously , they are just pretending.

Shut up bitch.
ok lol maximum

Ok next a standing pose.

I need lotsa wind! HAHA!

The shoes belongs to Lorraine, Brand mgr of Skin79
I Love gold! But they r BIG ON ME!

I get to b featured in the Mags & Bring awesome things home too!!!
How awesome is awesome? Tel me?!!!

Diamante Blue-tooth is awesome!

I get really proud when people catches me using this bluetooth.
Is Bloody bling~!

Ok now I can talk all day without flexing my arm muscles.

So how did the photoshoot turn out???

C for yourself!

I'm being digitally enhanced max.
Chio not?

I think EK cropped 10 kg of fats from my arm.

And I love all of you dblchinis!

If you haven't join skin79 fanpage, do so now~

Thank you,




silviasiantar said...

you look beautiful, babe!

following your blog.


keep in touch

Ju Ann said...

I saw your pic on top shelfs!! :D

FAMOUS ALREADY our dear clara!

Anonymous said...

wow so beautiful!!

locke said...

wow! the pictures are awesome! love you on that dress and lace gloves^^ woot! loooooove your blingy blue tooth too~ nice post! :D

Pammy said...

Wow, you look gorgeous! Dblchin is now famous! :P

Tammy said...

Ooh you look so beautiful! What a fun experience it must have been :D

Lishan said...

I saw that article! hehe pretty! :)

nadnut said...

You guys look damn awesome!

Emma Jacobs said...

ah those pictures are awesome! you look so pretty

Emma Jacobs said...

you could make a pretty banner with them for you blog here^^

angela said...

hi thank you for stopping by my blog ;)
I'm glad you like the dress - top, the back is amazingly cute!
I really enjoy reading your blog, maybe we can follow eachother ;)


Anonymous said...

hi there my new friends ;)
you look so beautiful
i love your dress
that's so much gorgeous

Xoxo ♥
Pinkie Anggia

aisyah De Cullen said...

you look gorgeous! =D Am I following a cosmetic model here? hehe..nice outfit too ^^

Dolce♥Bunny said...

You're soooo gorgeous!!
You're a pure model! Love it!
and so jealous with the diamond blue tooth! Sooo Cute!!

Fashion Cents said...

wow this looks like so much fun, and you look so pretty in the photos! congrats!

Elisa Lee said...

Wow, they photoshopped a lot on your eyes xD But I love your look there, you're so pretty <3 love it! I bet it was so much fun to do it ='D

s said...

OMG that's soooo cool!! Congrats!! I LOVE the lace gloves!

Xinyiderella said...

chio!! awesome la!!

Anonymous said...

congrats you looked v pretty! i hope they didnt do any PS because it looked like they didnt need to..

yes sorry i couldnt meet with you, i was preoccupied with some personal problems.. my grandfather passed away on 28th October..

Karen said...

Yay I get to know your real name :) You look super gorgeous all dolled up.. LOVE the photos. the photoshoot must have been really fun!! hehe congrats on the feature girl.. and also thanks for supporting my animal cause blog, I really appreciate it <3

Anonymous said...

Awesome. lookin really pretty babe.

hevn said...

Woww.. beautiful!

I really love the outfit and gloves, all so pretty~ <3

Michelle Chin said...

Your gloves are really nice. :)

Saki said...

wow, you look so pretty! youre eyes are nice too. :D please check out my japanese blog too! :) xoxo

Shingo T said...

You look so yummy in these photoshoots.
*looks around to check if my Wifey is around*

Haha, did they do all the shoots in a HDB flat? Looks professional nonetheless.

Kelvin said...

U look like a supermodel!

Think i am falling in love with u XD

angela said...

* following your wonderful blog haha


adrienne said...

You look gorgeous!! I bet it super fun and amazing posing for a photo shoot! Congrats! <33

The Bimbo said...

You look great in the photoshoot!!!

rinaz said...

I think you look lovely in the photoshoot, classier definitely and more regal