♥My Magic Closet♥ III

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Hiya dblchinis~

My Magic Closet has updated with a new collection

Do hop over n take a look~

Btw I can guaranteed that the material & quality of the products are totally awesome.
They really don't sell lousy fabrics.
U r really paying your worth.
*I list my honest opinion.

In the meantime, u can check out the outfit worn by me here.
These pics are not use on main page of MyMagicCloset Because the background is too distracting

But regardless do ENJOY the Camwhoring

#3006 Checked Chest Work Dress

I love this dress! It fits my body shape really very well!
It has a couple of darts near the empire line (Due to my miserable height, is waistline for me)

#3009 ASOS Inspired Lace Back Tunic

I totally dig the gathers in the front. Is superbly chic !

I'mma showing u my matching nails this time round~
Oh yes! U should click on the link & check out this awesome Razor crisscross back!

Another one in Navy.
Tryin ta pose like a model but...Epic fail.

#3008 Rebecca Taylor inspired V-Neck Chiffon Dress

Yayness to being lady-like (not).

Is a little too girly for me but then again & love the cutesy prints~

Another one in beige.

Last but not least:

#3010 Polka Dot Chiffon Dress

Yes I'm totally in love with this.
The collar n tier bottoms are sooooo freaking awesome.
I really dig those Chinese-inspired collar look.

If you can't get enough of these awesome dresses & wish to catch more of my Camwhore City © photos u can check out the past entries I've written for My Magic Closet:

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Till then toodles~

*They are my clothing sponsors, I'm not paid to advertise.


citrella said...

i want #3010 Polka Dot Chiffon Dress leh... Got discount for me boh?

dblchin said...

@citrella hi sweetie, if u buy 2 or more, there will b a dollar off purchase. U can go email them for more details.

Rheea said...

They've got some really awesome clothes. Are the prices in SGD?

PS: LOVE your nails color!!!

dblchin said...

@rheea, yes dear! all in sgd. IS my friend u can go ahead n email them if u wish to order.

thanks babe! I'm gonna blog abt my nail clr soon

Serena said...

All these dress are so pretty. You model them well. =]
The back of the ASOS Inspired Lace Back Tunic is very unique.

<3 Serena.

Goldfish Uncle said...

hot ger, u need to flip the dress up abit like Monroe, to about 1/2 inch before zhao kh'ng... then limpek nosebleed liao!! and gerenti sell like gardenia roti

Ken said...

u have so many pretty dresses

good luck with the sales =]

Black Widow said...

really awesome dresses!good look!

Ribbonlicious said...

The last dress looks so pretty *____*

eve said...

i love the black rebecca taylor chiffon dress!!!!!