♥My Magic Closet♥

Thanks to 'MY MAGIC CLOSET' I've new n wearable clothes for many outings!

This is one new hotass shop that has emerged into blogsphere. They carries sweet n sophisticated items at a LOW LOW Price. The quality is definitely comparable to prestigious specialty outlets like F21 & zara.

This is definitely my honest opinion as I've tried, felt & touched the outfits & it is no doubt, Value for money.

Mymagiccloset carries from knit to wovens & other wide array of outfits. Be it romper, Dress or just purely butt-hugging skirts. I'm please to get an opportunity to model & spread the word as their ambassador.

You should definitely check them out if you have not :


Lets take a look at some of the raw pictures, uncut version:

This is a sweet denim dress paired with a studded waist belt.
I love how it hugs my body.

An A-line tube dress.
Check out the fusion pink that brightens the entire outfit.

Cute Polyester Romper.Paired it with a waist belt!
I'll definitely wear this on a hot sunny day (yea right, EVERYDAY is bloody hot in sg)
Oh, that's my hat. U can get it from Chinatown.

I simply dig this high-waist skirt.
& they have tiny pleats in front! Good for hiding my HUGE TUMMY after meals!

I used to hate wearing tube dresses n tops, coz they dun hold my body in place.

But now, like seriously.... not anymore.
Coz the designs from Mymagiccloset is much awesomer than I thought,
They fit me real well.
Oh yes, did I mentioned it is stretchable?

I simply hug this babydoll tube dress, there are tiers of lace layered below the bustline
& the back is simply cute, there is an adjustable tie-bow.
Duno what I'm talking about? Head over there right now!
OH but one thing... this tube dressy top is only for the petite sizes!

I'm a HUGE Fan of 'MY MAGIC CLOSET' already, how about you???

If u r not checking them out, U r definitely missing the great things in life.

& besides
Need I say more?

Do leave a comment if you have something to say about my poses, whether I'm good or...not (unlikely right???)...
or anything about my tummy or flat boobs in particular.
check on ❤ dblchin's post if you must!


*They are my clothing sponsors, I'm not paid to advertise.


Rach said...

Your boobs look big lor.

The sizes are free size? Too small for me leh.

Liana said...

cute outfits! you are so pretty too!

dblchin said...

Hiya rach, u can check out the measurements over at the web. I'm sure it will fit u, u r so skinny

Thanks Liana~

kenwooi said...

nice outfits =)

Shilka said...

Looking good! :D

Anonymous said...

happy to read~ thank you!........................................