♥My Magic Closet♥ II

has launched a new mini collection once again!

Featuring new model -Jennifer

Jennifer is a UK 8 & stands 162cm tall.

She's poses are awesome, I definitely gotta to improve on that~

Anyways, do hop over there now & check out the range of clothings they have to offer!


Click here to view part I

*They are my clothing sponsors, I'm not paid to advertise.


Katie Ngo said...

hey! I was going to leave a comment but I had to sign off to get ready for work. lol! Sorry for just randomly adding you without saying anything. But your welcome for following! I've actually never heard of MY Magic closet. Is it a store you shop it? Or just a online store you know about? or? I'm thinking of looking through it but want to hear about it first. & Thanks ! I'm also looking forward to my 400+ follower giveaway as well. :)


dblchin said...

Hi Katie,

First I would like to congratulate u for almost reaching ur 400 followers mark! 29 more to go!!!

My Magic Closet is an online store set up by a friend on mine. The quality u paid for these outfits are definitely at an affordable range of prices(in SGD)

It is definitely safe & products are comparable to local stores eg. zara & topshop.

Yes, U definitely can go through the web pages before forwarding it to ur followers(I'm on of them too! lol)

I don't earn a single cent from them except that they sponsored me outfits in return that I modeled for them. I'm just honored to b part of this modeling stuff.

oh btw & I can't wait to join ur contest! eggcitied!!!

Katie Ngo said...

Awww thanks! I didn't know you did youtube videos until I read your interview thing! So, should I call you by dblchin then??? The quality on My Magic Closet looks very nice. Are they only selling dresses for now? Its very cute & affordable too. Thats nice to be a part of their sponsorship! Oh btw, lol! The interview was very funny & entertaining. & your very gorgeous! Haha, thanks girl! I can't wait to announce my giveaway. :) Until then, take care & stay safe.

Rajagopalan said...

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yoon see said...

Thanks for your encouragement.
I am just slowing down on blogging to concentrate on my health.
Love yout creativeness.
Keep it up dear:)

Carrie said...

wow.... nice blog! love the clothings!

Anonymous said...