Alice in wonderland Contest entry.

Hi guys! before I blog about my next entry : Anime festival Asia, I shall post my contest vid entry below.

This is my youtube contest entry for ahanhbarbie34. Upon reaching her 50,000 subscribers(congrats) she decided to host a contest by the theme of 'Alice in wonderland'


I'm dblchin's version of alice missy & a very unique one indeed.

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Some pics taken after vid is done.

I actually wanted to use this for my opening vid but in the end I didn't, I thought is real cheesy photoshoping the words like that.
But nevertheless so here it is. Do Take a look.

I edited some of the lighting coz I think I looked too fair in the pictures. I guess the flash is a lil on the strong side.
So I adjusted the hues.


The reason y I use cherry tomatoes because I m a huge fan of any tomatoes you can think of & I believe Alice definitely needed some fruit veggies to glow up her pale white skin.
Hence tomatoie as guest appearence in the vids.
lol, u must b thinking, how absurd is dblchini's imagination.... well... who cares? Whatever makes me happy~ lol~

To end this off on a happi note, pls check out the silly me.
I'll b doing more makeup vids for upcoming X'mas so watch out for me on this channel:
for the love of baby tomatoies.

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