AFA 2009- Anime Festival Asia

Hi fellas! I'm soooooo sooo sorry that I've delayed in posting these stunning pics from the anime festive. They are so godamned awesome ! When I first heard that AFA is coming to Singapore, you can never imagine how happy I'm. Sometimes kinda wish I'm those cosplayers playing alongside with my peeps. I'm often crazy about dressing up. very often...

It kinda started at the age of 7. I am always using blankets to dress myself up, like those old chinese martial movie, pretending to b a feminine character strutting pass a bridge of something. Then I will force my brother to the b a watchful passerby, whistling at any hotass female walking pass.
Well... I'm always the one walking to n fro on that make-believed bridge & he had to whistle like a gazillion times.
OR I will command my bro to wear my skirt so that we can be bff drinking afternoon tea & talking about girly stuffs. He'll have to hold one of my barbie dolls and comb their blond hair over and over again. But often, these excitement are short-lived, approx after half hr, he just stripped off whatever I wore on him & run off to get his toy swords or do some boyish stuff like climb trees blahh.... & I followed thereafter.

& that explains my femininity level.

Thanks to you ben, for pumping so much testosterone in me.

Ok back to the afa. I shall not dwell on my past & show you some superly cosplayers pixs.

I'm not very good with mange/anime character.
But these 2 ladies are indeed dress to kill.
Saucy aren't they???
I wished I'm sitting nx to them!

An overly exposed pics of these ladies.
The photographers are trying to squeeze in just to capture their pics.
I had a hard time snapping some pixs for myself.

A group pixs of cosplayers.
They just sat there waiting to b shoot.
So I did.
I'm a loser in this, I can't tell who their character is...can any1 name them?

I caught the pix of this purple hair Character before
he/she slips off to change.
Is a she.
But the character she's pretending I'm a lil unsure of the gender...

hey man...
He/she actually posed for me!
ok I think is a she again.


This is the limelight of the night.
Everyone is shooting her left, right, upside down.
Her outfit, hair & almost everything is utmost splendid.
You'll get to c a clearer view of the dress on the next pic

breathtaking isn't it???
I dig the feathers! Maybe i'll get one & cross a real bridge someday!

I think the happenings doesn't really occurs inside the hall.
Most booths are just purely selling merchandise.
Oh well...

hey ! that's me!
who else eh? lol!

Some amazin poster I just have to get them in my camera.

Outside the maid's cafe.
Too bad they r closed. wtf right?
paid 15bucks to come in then tell us the cafe close for the day.

Alright! thats alll dblchinis! cya on my next tutorial~!


Anonymous_X said...

the poster is indeed amazing! i wonder from which anime it's from. hmm...


Dana said...

when was the AFA??? next time choi me leh!! i also crazy on anime!!!

dblchin said...


sure thing,I suppose it will happen sometime around nov nx yr

noodles said...

there was actually a lot of stuff happening inside on the stage. but it's obviously more geared to anime and manga fans. *kaname... k-on.. etc.