alternative way of uploading photos

I know recently bloggers like u n me r been having problems uploading pictures whereby the pop out picture window says 'your image is added' but it does not appear in your compose section.
Fret not, I've gotten the solution from the website embedded at the end of my post & to simplify it, I've came out with my own diagrams & instructions (hope I didn't make it harder). Hopefully this will provide a solution to all frustrated bloggers on the image upload.

Step 1: On the posting section, click on image icon as shown

Step 2:When 'upload image' window has popped up, click browse n select your pics.

Then click on upload when u r done.

Step 3: This is when the problem arises. pop-out windows shows that your image's been added, however it doesn't show up on the compose page

However, do not click done yet. Instead, right click your mouse n copy image location.

Step 4: when you have copied your image location, you may choose to close the pop out window n return back to the comp

You then need to click on HTML tab to paste on what you have copied earlier.

Step 5: Insert the code for your image location which you've copied earlier with added codes in green.

Final step: & when u r back at your compose section, the image jumps back up.

* note:E screen prints above are updated via normal uploading, so that u are able to enlarge the pixs. Pics uploaded via the above method r not allowed for enlarge.



StevenBoy1986 said...

Thanks for the sharing....
Following your blogs... ^.^
I'm a new blogger...

Claire said...

Hi I tried this but doesn't work - at the 'your image has been added' section, my image doesn't even appear and therefore I could not copy my image location/URL. Any suggestions?