Ink those brows pretty

For those who wanted hassle free brows whereby you can contribute more time in dolling up your eyes or other areas of your face, eyebrow embroidery is the right choice for you. They minimize timing spent on ur brows, makes your face looks fuller & better without help of brow pencils.

It is a semi-permanent imprint whereby low maintenance is needed (touch-ups only once a yr). I had it done a yr & 1/2 ago & touch up twice as needed. The first round is a build in package(f.o.c) & the 2nd round which is done last sat & billed for a mere $30 on needle charges. Overall is a rather wholesome package, you should try that too.

As my knowledge of inking brows are rather superficial, I shall not go in depth to the theoretical explanation of this brow embroidery.


you can find out more @ the following location :

1st salon @ bishan
Artist : Amy
contact no: +65 6258 3822/ 6356 6618

Day 4
Right brow

Left Brow
embroided pair

Lemme know if you have other queries, so long pretty ladies~


CuriousGirl said...

Hihi, surf thru the web and found ur blog. Juz wondering if the eyebrow u did at #1 Salon is natural? Coz i heard embriodery is usually 1 patch of colour? But from the pic here looks ok, like natural eyebrow hair? Was it painful? And red after the process?

dblchin said...

hi curious,
is not too bad but sometimes the effect could b quite stuck. Yes. is a patch of colour but it weren't obvious, it just looks like my brows been drawn. Yes is red after the process & the pain is just slight.

Anonymous said...

hi gal, i wanted to do eyebrow em. but was so afraid of getting a bad one. becos it will stay on my face for a period of time. so i'm browsing thru forums, to see if there's a real good one. seems like #1 salon at bishan has got the most votes. May i ask u, how long does urs last? do u need to go back touch-up often? and does it cost for touch up?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I chanced on your blog while looking up the forums for eyebrow embroidery. Yours look natural, like drawn with eyebrow pencil. May I know if Amy will decide how thick or thin the brows will be or is it usually thin like yours?


dblchin said...
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dblchin said...

dblchin said...

hi dblchinis
amy will help u to draw ur brows before inking them on.

I only have to touch up once a year. Actually it really depends on individual skin type

Anonymous said...

Hi. Your embroidery is very natural! Does it look weirds to do embroidery without make up?

Anonymous said...

hi, i just had my eyebrows done with amy yest.
however, as with my natural eyebrows that has one slightly higher arched, the embroidery did not help solve the problem.

i called up the salon and they said it can be rectified during the first touch up. not sure is you know, but is it true? or should i seek other alternatives and not go back to amy anymore?

am desperat for help n hope you can provide me with some good advice.

look fwd to your reply and thank you in advance!!

dblchin said...


Dun worry too much about this problem, My brow is not excatly symmetrical as well.

The colour will slightly fade in time, so meanwhile u can fill in the gaps at the arch using a brow pencil to match them well.

maybe you wana send me a picture of your eyebrow so I can take a look as how to advise u on that?

Anonymous said...

can i check how much does it cost?

Tee said...

Anyone interested to do Embroidery eyebrow?
Done by students, with Tutor beside
(Reputable Beauty School/Salon (Allure Beauty) @ Tiong Bahru Plaza).
Interested can email to me @

anna said...

how long will the embroidery last? how much isit?

dblchin said...

@anna, It depends, usually the first time u di embro it only last for a year

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the color turns blue/green over time?

dblchin said...

hi there, it wun turn blue/green for my case but it kinda faded a little overtime

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you can wash ur face after doing the embroidery? or how long do u hav to wait before u can start washing ur face?

how long will the redness stay on ur face too?

Anonymous said...


how long will the peeling effect starts to apppear?

Anonymous said...

Hi would like to know if u requested for amy to do touch up for u aft a year or for touch up any beautician oso can?


Anonymous said...

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