Alice... Alice......Child's play, not.

Have you ever wonder if your sweet childhood fairy tales turn into segments of nightmare?

Have you ever thought of the joyful, innocent Alice (in wonderland) holding a knife, in a menacing look & blood stains splattered all over her white apron?

Have you ever foresight our dear wholesome parents of Alice died in a fire?

Have u ever anticipate our wonderland pie attempting to commit suicide & later on admitted to the Asylum?

Have you...?

There r indefinite countless cultures of Alice .
(at any point of time u happen to c your pics posted there without your granted permission, pls lemme know. I'll remove them immediately)

From the aboriginal classic fairytale

To the spooky baleful version

mercilessly Grabbing on that bloodshed cutter
yes, that's the Cheshire Cat
To the Asian cos-players
Having a tea party
And the ang mo ones.
& the Fashionistas
Even designer John Galliano(E Queen) spares no mercy in offing with Alice's head.

However, the one that strikes me most is by 'American McGee's '. The whole story is defined in a gaming manner, whereby all plots happens on the former that I've posted. The game has been launched since yr 2000, thus this may seemed like an piece old news to others but it'll always remain as fresh as now to me. I love everything about this to bits. Sucha dark Alice, shes my type eh...

Lets catch a glimpse of the opening video

I'm definitely no expert in memorizing all casts of the apologue but this Alicess storytelling have imprinted a huge impression in my life. I loved everything about it, I even attempted to dress up as Queen of hearts last Halloween!
Rumored has it, an upcoming Film as directed by Tim Burton (Holly Molly!) together with Cast johnny Depp (sooooooo fantastical!!!) as the Mad hatter (*gasping for air***), is gonna b a smashing hit in early 2010 (can't farking wait!)
Hope I'm still alive by then.

u say. who's gonna b Alice?
I say. Is that pressingly significant?

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