Horr~ horr... HORRORweennn Nights!

Halloween is always the time of the year where u can dress up as a sweetie pie, complete geek, a whore of the universe or total buang-ness . I strongly believe this is neither a ghastly regime of monstrosity flick nor just a sweet tricking session anymore, it is a make-believe personage revealed in every imaginary world.

The persona of my character wasn't a complete fit in my shoes, in the end I've became the total non-existence daughter to "Queen of hearts"(Alice in Wonderland). I hunt like mad crazy for a Victorian crown but my search was futile. I've also planned on displaying some cards to prove the resemblance & began on searching for cards at home, at work, ah chong hse...to match all hearts together.
Ermmm....Sorrie to all dai di khakis & the blackjack gamblers. If u happen to find playcards that are missing, can I assume I've stolen ur heart? ... hah...

Sticking n pasting of the cards are the hardest, bloody hell... I had a hard time gluing them together n fitting on my body. Well... nevertheless, I've self-matched my outfit rather ok.
Initially I'd thought to myself...y not just pick the rent at some costume shop, wouldn't it be hassle-free? saves time isn't it? Then again it wouldn't be as satisfying as now...& I would say I'm proud as a peacock blogging my outfit effortlessly. My lovely mates too manages all their costume with Brrrrilliant check. I'd like to say, Hola lovelies!

Below are the snaps u've probably seen before on Friendster or Facebook but nevertheless I've still posting my fun n joy on my ground. Do I seem like I care?!


Mega buang pirate, Ghoul student overhauled & princess mee.
On our way to zouk, as u can c I've not affix my cards onto my body yet.

Group photos for ur view.
Babes with the orh-biang Knight, I super love him lol.

The costume Groupies..

Audrienne looks like sexy wonder woman in this photo, Wooo~weet!
Gui on my left n hiao geisha, ay geisha my mummy lurves u!

Princess of hearts saying hello!
Posing with my wand, whatever u called that. I made it ok!

Buang pirate pleading me not to turn her into sotong...hehe...

Grp photo with the joker family. Is this some sorta joke eh?

Goddess showing off her bare back while taking pic with the flash. Gui has lost her cool after gui-ing for the entire night.
I tell u, I've not seen this guy's face but he sure has handsome teeth!

Last but not LEAST, Me & my cards!

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