Sing Sang Sung

Walalah~ After tremendous hardship of praying for naiyu's return(knnz... I never even pray so hard for rain), he's finally back to home ground.
I can't wait to do so many crazy things together, I bet we'll have several line ups before he leaves for another cunt-ry again.

Anyways...I credited ourselves (zj n me) for picking him up @ the airport.
Good job! Well Done!Excellent~

First up, our very own KTV session;

Limbei, Nai ye, Wu Da SHAO & STANDY.
Without my excellent non-fiction narrational story telling, U think their infamous designation would b spread across the Atlantic web meh?

We book a room for 3 hrs slot @ serangoon & sang our hearts out, spent approx $90 for 5.

As usual Alvin's always late like dunno what, I can't understand y he took so damned long to dress up, somemore when he usually turns up he looks damned lock kok! ....That irritating Woo.

Nai yu, 'best-friend-of-the-whole-wide-world-man' started duet-ing with standy & mushy-ing love titles to me...the room already so cold liao he still wanted to add on the chill...brrrrr....~

We've covered lotsa genre; classic oldies, english rap, pop, chinese pop,...watever is singable!!!!

Enjoy e pixs~

This is your one n only handsome pix, all the others, QC failed.
I duno y, but i c a prince charming in my eyes.
C! I never bluff u hor! Dress like a Rickshaw Puller, somemore hogged on the whole sofa couch! nbcb!
poor zj, kena squeezed to one cornerTake pix also hav to bend down to accommodate him.
u know wats Brotherhood?
THIS IS!!!!!
They also kena squeeze to the side couch coz Alvin wans to lie his fat body on the sofa itself!
ya ya yah... singing duets... yucks!
U SEE!!! They kept singing togther!
Is damned digusting la!
Xiao wei
I nv seen someone so lazy before, can lie down n SING somemore!!!!
Pretty Fly for a white guy

Chargeable cheapo tidbits for $10 bucks.
Nx time I also wana open KTV joint!!!It says 'Tid-Bits $10.00'


Rheea said...

Hey gal, thanks for visiting my blog! :) How are you? From what I see you're still the same.. all the #%@&^#*&#@! still in you. lol


Rheea said...

haha! miss u too.. it's been ages since I last saw Claire too. Meet up soon!!