Makeup Exercise 1; Playing with blues

an amazing stand alone colour, an absolute hue yet an over-the-borderline sensitive shade.
Many have misused it by doodling too much on their faces, overdoing like a half baked hooker. For the great one had once said, 'Eyes are the windows to your soul'.

You can actually create a sultry look very much with/from royal to hot blues.
Of course with the lil help on shades of black. And for that, I'm gonna make do an experiment on myself, hopefully it'll turn out right down the sexy path...

These are the tools That I use to apply, blend, draw & dab onto my lid.

First 4 brushes are from Magical Tannsu.
& no we r not related, she just sells amazing hot stuffs

Last 2 r from EDM & Maybelline respectively.

These are the colours whereby I marbleize the shades of blue together, creating different hues.

Palettes are from MT again
Similar to the ones on Coastal scents
1/2 the deal for equally pigmented colour, y not then?

Shadows linked on paper

And NOW... for the application:
Apply primer, concealer
1) Apply a light shade of cream or off-white colour over the entire lid. (med shadow brush)
2)Dab strong blues (eg. royal/fusions) into the inner corners of ur lids. (use a separate med shadow brush)
3)Fit in deep colours, (eg. navy) from the outer corners to the centre of the lid, be sure not to overlap the strong blue u've applied earlier. Start blending the strong corners with edm eye kabuki brush towards inside of the lid. (mini shadow brush)
4)Dab shades of black using lip brush only at the edge of your outer lid, the reason for using a lip brush is because it is small enough to fit into the mini lid corners. Then using a eye kabuki again, start blending towards the centre.
5) At this point, your strong fusion blues probably might b over layered by accident or wiped out by other colours. You just have to fill it in again & slowly blend it in with other hues.
6)Lined your upper lid with maybelline liner towards the centre, do not draw all the way into the inner corners, this will supersede your hot royal colours, taking over the focal point.
1) Clean up whatever debris left on top lid. Apply the necessary; eg. primer, concealer.
2)Draw your watermark with maybelline liner, from outer edge towards the centre.
3) Shade the Bottom lash line with hot/royal blue, same as the colour u 've chosen on ur top inner lid.
4) Apply mascara if necessary. My bottom lash is 'BOTAK' so no need to apply anything.

Apply falsies for a more dramatic look & blend in together with your natural lashes using mascara.
Pardon me, falsies is not v well applied on.

Tah da!
The achieve desired look

Cammed w Flash
Cammed without FlashPls check on the box below if your like my make-up attempts! Have fun with colours~


- c H i E n - said...

wah! I also want to learn make-up. I only khow simple ones! Maybe you could try putting more make-up tutorials! it'd be nice!

dblchin said...

sure thing babe! i'll try to post more tutorials. I if I'm confident enuf, i might even post videos!

Michelle Maldonado said...

Heyyy I will definitely subscribe to your blog I hope you will do the same. Become a follower of we definitely share a passion for makeup!! <3

blogger said...

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Anonymous said...

The colours are really pretty! But I've to say the achieved desired look wasnt very well done. In fact, your eyes looked "dirty", esp the shot with flash. You looked like you cried and the colours smudged on your lower eye area. No offence, just a thought :)

dblchin said...

@Anonymous thanks for the awesome advice! I'll definitely improve on that. This was done almost a year ago, I've been practicing hard ever since!I'm sure my current looks are better than the past!

Anonymous said...

can u teach how to draw basic eyeliner?
what if I have a single eyelid and double eyelid
I have to draw the single eyelid thicker..
but how we knw thick or how thin of the eyeline?

dblchin said...

hi there, sure i'll try to do a tutorial on that. meanwhile u prob might wana checkout my youtube vids for other hair tutorial