~SlumberXX Lumber# Clumber*^Thumber~~~

Whoooo! Had so much fun last fri bumming over @ dan's home; junked on tidbits, couch on bed watching Dvds after Dvds, rocked-on Linkin part album, bitched madly about 'guns n roses' hot crotch shorts, pinned on our nighties, doll up, doodling on each other's faces.

& most importantly

Took Gazillion pixs.

We r indeed e spontaneous bunch of peeps, all of us r fully equipped with the essentials for a slumber night PJ party. As young as we r, in this field of aspect, we never failed to show any enthusiasm for last fri night. & that includes all our gathers for other occasions.

Thus, pls enjy my snip n snaps & those captions I came up with, especially for all my



Ah na

Am. Pm

Pussycat A.K.A Nemesis
Kar la la

Dana can't get enuf of her's, now she wans to steal my noodles! HELP!!!

Seaweed posing.
Succulent like crazy!
The mad hungries!
Her coin bankies, can't remember wat's she saving up for.
Her Massive plasma.

Everyone took turns to get laid.

Yay! Me first!
Dana is feeeling a lil nervous as she experienced her first warm-ups.
Still a lil uptight when aud gets in bed.
Utterly petrified as jo flashes her seaweed stained teeth.
Finally relaxes after several tries with e gals.
Daphy ur mouth damned funny la! LOL~! Me & my freaking Puss, shuffling da di cards.
There's my >$5 scarf from BATAM, pink n black stripes. Got c bo?
Jo is like freaking sexey in here la.
Andrew, u're a lucky man!
Shooting ourselves like crazy again!
I know I look like pig here, but I dun care!Watching T-vee
Pretending to sleep.
later on Aud realli dozed off!
As usual, she slumps off after a certain timing...
Thats us.


The proven language.


BLue said...

I see nighties and nightdress, unless you want to call it nightwear party cause I don't see pajamas

Clarilious said...

I guess these are all classified under a huge category tree of Pajamas, as long as we all had fun, does it matter? Same goes to your flash mob