China calamity quake

Thousands injured, killed, buried under the deep grounds after the earthquake shook at a 7.9-magnitude on 12th of May, 2:28 pm in Beijing time. This tragic incident happened at north of Sichuan's provincial, capital of Chengdu; destroying the city in a matter of minutes.

This is a devastating moment for all mankind. People from round the world regardless of colour, race & religion unite as one to help the damage caused by mother nature.
Every moment is intense as volunteers raced against time to save these victims. Some had escaped to safety when the shook began but many others were trapped when the building collapsed. These volunteers had worked intensely throughout day n night trying to fish out survivors, tired as one might get, no one gave up on the chance of saving. The quake had flattened out the bustling city into a ravaging land & death toll reports up to date had risen to
55,000 as compared to the numbers(8,533) that had first happen. Many are still missing but they had evacuated the area for disinfection in any case of complications that might led to epidemic.

There is no prevention to wreckage led by nature nor can't tell nature to 'stop earthquaking in china' or 'go Cyclone
Nargis in another planet'. We had helplessly experience thru footage that the ground had swallowed thousand years of history build by mankind. In Singapore, we r magically fortunate to bypass these tragic happenings even as it had occurred in our neighboring countries; thailand, indo, etc. Yet many r still displeased with their lives, grumpily whining at another ERP gantry, rising of gst & all sorts, complaining indeed is our forte. When i c snippets by the media covering the tale of this catastrophe or photos, the gush of sadness is overwhelming & of sudden, all my complains were all gone. What if one of these victims were to be my closest kin? As I had reflected, We are given the best to live in.

I hope every one will lend a helping hand in donating; money, clothings, food, etc. whatever media you use, I'm sure it will become of big help. I'm consolidating some cash amount for these victims & if u wish to piggyback on me n chip in some cash, do let me knw. May god bless every living soul & pray that disaster will not happen to anyone ever again.

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