I rant & rave on my ground if I want to 'is lik ma home, ya'

Today, a wave of morbidity swept passed me. Bawling my way thru yesterday night wasn't easy & Waking up with a pair of overrated eyes popped out like delicate goldfishes. Today's another tough one ahead, yet I'm feeling defeated already.

It seems like some are having issues with me, trivial issues. My peers, blood ties, my significantly other...is not easy dating someone for 5 wholesome years with constant bickering on each other's back. Is also not easy trying to please someone all your life knowing that u will never be their kind & yet another person got accepted in a day or two of pleasing. Is sure ain't easy being expected to be best of friends when u see someone new for the first time. I love my keenest friends but how do I loving dislike someone when I met only once? This assumption totally ridicule me, I don't know should l Laugh.Out.Loud or Cry.Out.Loud (which I did).

Anywayssssssss... I've gotta go, so sorry for the long intermission on blogging & inadequate length of posting. I'll remember that, the next time I'll shall blog 3days n nights to compensate for my partial absence. Chao!

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