Clara Climbs up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Clara falls down...

Sorry for my long absent self, I was pretty busy with work as I've just got back frm KL for biz.
Now that I've little time to squeeze in, I'd better blog a bit.

I'm suffering from bruises n marks from yesterday's incident, it happened at zj's hse.
I'd always been accident prone but little did i know, I've met with 2 wholesome accidents which cause a whole plonk of blue-black . It hurts really bad & after constant rubbing, is beginning to turn red.

Warning: Below pictures may contain nudity of flesh images. Images are cater for adults viewing pleasure only. Please leave immediately if u do not have any fetish for thunder thighs or hairy kneecaps.

I hit myself against edge of e door divider (made of hard metal) which they use for preventing pets from crossing to prohibited ares. This is a rather big bruise, I yelleeeeeeeed in agonizing pain before e knight rush over to rescue his graceless princess.
Had a slight scratch from falling clumsily not long after hitting the door divider. Pics may look dimmed, however the images are 100% real, None of them are digitally enhance.
I had a Bruised kneecap to accompany with my falling, the foreskin is slightly torn.
My conclusion
I hope my apartment is tailored build outta polyfield, all corners are wrapped with cotton bits. In that way it might minimize my risk in getting these ugly impressions. My consumption for baby wipes are high so Probably now i should start collecting 'used' wipes as a stuffing for future home.

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