[Review] Passion Goats Milk

Initially when I said yes to Doncaster de Passion review on bodywash, I wasn't expecting them to send in truckload full of items, I was pleasantly surprise when big retail size bottles came in my mail.   
With that amount, I'll probably save on buying bodywash for months to come lol , sounding very much like a doomsday prepper now. 
So I was given 5 huge bottles of Passion Goat's Milk in of course 5 different colours, each colour represents a unique scent and the properties beneficial to the skin. While some are enriched with collagen, others carry therapeutic properties for better relaxation. 
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The selling point of this range of  bodywash lies in its goat's milk, it lathers up creamy and rich yet giving that soft and moisturising after feel. From what I've learn about Passion is that their goat's milk actually contains UV protection, all hail to another level up on sun protection!

Doncaster de Passion Naturally Whitening Goat's Milk Bath
 with  Bown Rice ingredients
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Aside from feeling mouths, brown rice has taken itself to another level by embedding as a nutrient into Passion goat's milk, this brown rice nutrient is rather special as it contains soap-free formulation that protects the skin from dehydration. 

Doncaster de Passion Naturally Whitening Goat's Milk Bath
 with Tsubaki Extracts
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Ok who hasn't heard of Tsubaki flower before? Lets not live under a rock shall we, Tsubaki extract( from the Tsubaki flower) originates from Japan. It is said to soften and decrease the appearance of mild wrinkles ad the same time restoring damaged skin and protect agains pigmentation. 
This is my personal favourite because it smells great during and after shower and is pink. 

Doncaster de Passion Naturally Whitening Goat's Milk Bath
 with Reishi Extracts
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Base on that picture of Lingzhi you'll probably be expecting a less pleasant scent on this. 
So wrong my dear, this Reishi extract apparently smells refreshing! 
Everyone knows Reishi is like the top notch of all traditional medicine and it doesn't comes cheap but how clever is Passion to make use of Reishi extract to formulate this shower foam that carries anti-oxidiant properties.
I'm crazy over TCM nowadays even thought I still totally detest the smell of it but Passion does not smell anything close that, is unbelievable they can managed to take away the pungent smell. 
Doncaster de Passion Naturally Whitening Goat's Milk Bath
 with Lavender Extracts
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Lavender is one of the more common extract found in most body wash, the basic properties of lavender is to sooth and calm always aiding a good night sleep. The lavender oil helps to reach out to the stress community letting the aroma remind us is time to put our mind at least. 
Comparing to the Reishi scent, this carries abounding floral scents fighting to fill my nostrils and it comes 2nd place in favourites. 

Doncaster de Passion Naturally Whitening Goat's Milk Bath
 with Collagen and Anti-Aging Properties
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When one sees Collagen, a huge majority jump for joy. Is like the staple needs for every human out there in this 21st century, collagen pills, collagen drink, collagen jelly, collagen mascara, what am I mising out here? 
ahhh yes collagen body wash, who needs it? 
I do, thankful for Passion they have the smart people to develop one that comes with additional anti-aging properties and whitening to entice consumers like us to purchase their products. 
I guess I don't need to elaborate further, you already know why everyone need it. 

Aside from all 5 individual scents, the appearance of Passion Goat's milk is pretty much the same, it pumps out pearly and runny looking.
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So thats all for my review! 
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