Copycat Catch a rat, now who got caught for plagiarizing?

hi dblchinis~

If you have follow me on my TWITTER , u should know of the below issue already



A girl from Brunei actually used my pics for the skin79 Brunei blogging contest

Impressive I must say, coz she won the 3rd best award.

But before she could claim her prize, she got exposed.
What a shame right? Can't collect ur $50 B voucher?
But nevermind that, u r now (in)famous! Coz I'm linking u from my blog.

Sweet isn't it? lolx
Thank me for ur sky high hits huh, Cupid Nana

ok lets c what she did excatly.

She ripped my pics.
That is one pair of sexy lorraine (skin79 mgr) legs Lurking right behind

My mentioned "Inorder to live up its name on 'Queen of BB cream' Lorraine E brand manager bought this crown as a justification to skin79~
hmmm.. thumbs up."

She mentioned : "In order to live up its name on 'Queen of BB cream' I bought this crown as a justification to skin79~
hmmm.. thumbs up.

Hey Lets all thumbs up~!

erm.... She literally copied rest of the paragraph for her own use.
N check out my massive head at the side bar, what a fabulous fan she WAS!

wow! She's like me too,
I'm also In need of sun protection for I get freckles sooner than my dog bark at strangers.

Yes the clrs are indeed awesome, even the camera,
hey, I got an identical one !

I didn't know people from Brunei speaks Singlish too! ya Laaaa!!!!!
"Some of the casing are soooooo reflection U can use them as a mirror to check whether any vegetable is stuck in ur teeth after meal!"

oh and she copied my EXACT grammar mistake.

Oops! Apologies! I tried to Right-click and I got a warning!

If u want to copy, don't do it literally or at least b decent enuf to credit.
U never know ur name smells worse than dead carcass when the news comes around.
Even if is 1/2 way across asia.

U dun fucking start to apologize after reading this and request me to remove my post, u should have seen this coming when u decide to rip off my entry.


*OH NO, Now she set her blog to private!!! that ok, I'm glad my screen shots are here!


Anonymous said...

Wa... She really dares to do it.

Blair said...


Glad that you found out and exposed her!!

jewlreya said...

Yes, really glad that she got exposed! This kind of black sheep doesn't deserve to win anything in a blogging contest. Pui! Look down on her.

Lulu said...

This is too blatant! But that also mean you r darn famous, Clara :p Got to thank the lady who helped to expose this plagiarizer!

vivianism said...

waseh. why so many unoriginal bloggers arnd. tsk tsk.

sugar sugar said...

Tsk.. tsk.. What some people would do for exposure and to win a price...?!?! What the heck?!?

It's just too blatant and wrong. :/

Uma Preve said...

OMG, some people ah..... Terrible! Good that you came to know about it! WHy not start water marking your pictures?

Anonymous said...

didn't the lady who exposed her said not to mention her name? but u can see her name in some of the snapshots pls delete it or censored it,hahaha i seriously doubt the copycat will answer the call to explain her side,if she is right then why she private her own blog??Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah May the copycat live in fear for her actions

dblchin (double chin) said...

I guess she locked her blog for now. lets c when she will open that up to the public again.

Orchid Row said...

Woah... I'm pretty shocked and appalled to learn this. Just goes to show cheaters never prosper. Glad that this was exposed.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, i was gonna check her blog and it's already privatised. so uncool of her. im from Brunei too, honestly, i feel ashamed of what she had done. this leaves a bad impression to people in Brunei. :(

miji said...

damn, she privatised her blog .___. anyways, i'm sorry on behalf of that girl. btw, i'm a bruneian.
as what anonymous has said, it leaves a bad impression of Bruneian T___T

Anonymous said...

I hate plagiarism as well. Quite unfair to the "real" owner. I'm a Bruneian, and hate to say this, but the problem of plagiarism happens everywhere.

I had a even worst case, one company in Singapore took my logo(i swear. which i post it up in deviantart) and used it as their ice-cream shop's logo! I was so mad and did consulted a lawyer and stuff but at last decided to drop the case as, sadly, my artwork does not have a strong copyright license. F*.

Anonymous said...

pakkkkk u!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is utterly annoying. I had my pictures copied from my FB account and she claimed it as hers. What's more sad is the fact that my face was clearly there in the picture with me holding the camera. People actually said that her picture taking skills were brilliant.. I requested her to remove it at once but she got angry and swore at me instead.
I know how u feel. Now thankfully she'll be known..

Anonymous said...

FYI, from Brunei doesn't mean she's Bruneian. Might be one of the FT elsewhere.

Syee said...

she really should have AT LEAST listed your blog on the post. -.- im a bruneian too, this really does make a bad impression on us bruneians. on behalf of her like what miji said, im so sorry.

Philip Khor said...

that is bad...