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Hello Dblchinis!
In this post I'm going to share with you a special type of luxury skincare yet affordable in many ways.

Yes I'm talking about Bird nest here, they have spent years researching and discovered a method to effectively liquefy Pure Bird’s Nest for use in skincare products. We all know that many other brands in the market may claim to contain Bird’s Nest in their skincare products but this time it's pretty different, this company I'm talking about is the only company which farms its own Bird’s Nest for skincare products containing 100% highly concentrated Pure Bird’s Nest.

Introducing Purer Skinour very own product of Singapore 
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"The Purer Skin range is designed with purity in mind, and to deliver the anti-aging and skin enhancing properties of Bird’s Nest into each essential step of your daily beauty regime."

 photo DSC00007.jpg
This bundle of gift I've received consisted of pretty much the staples to a skincare regiment, I have here the Creme Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, Miracle Serum and Night Recovery.  
Is been 2 weeks since it'd reached my doorstep and some suppleness on my skin is already showing even though I'm on it for only a week. To be honest, reviewing skincare is not that easy reason being there are so many products in the market and is not like you could try it out a day or two and simply blog about it, the "getting over and done with" is never part of my policy. 
I'm glad I could be able to tryout this full range because usually when I received only either only 1 or 2 items from an entire skincare collection, it makes it harder to determine the efficiency of the product, so an awesome yay to testing out the performance of this bird nest technology!

Purer Skin Creme Cleanser
 photo DSC00010.jpg

 photo DSC00015.jpg
A gentle skincare that lathers up foam, only a pea size amount is required so this is the product that says 'a little goes a long way'  
It helps to remove excess oil, pollutants, dirt and makeup residue (don't attempt to remove with this when you have really heavy makeup on) 
The scent is very refreshing it gives me an immediate wakeup call when I use it during morning washes. 

Purer Skin Clarifying Toner
 photo DSC00011.jpg

 photo DSC00017.jpg
Packaging comes in a spray nozzle that emits light perfume-like fragrance every time I use this on my face. It helps restore the skin PH Balance and refines visible pores leaving the skin moisturised and supple. 
The product is however seems a little too much when I directly dispense it on the face this is why it is recommended to spray on a cotton pad and use gentle sweeping motion when in contact with the skin.  

Purer Skin Miracle Serum
 photo DSC00012.jpg

 photo DSC00018.jpg
Comes in a dropper bottle of wholesome goodness, many times I discover bits of bird nest being sucked up during the squeeze of the rubble bulb. 
Purer Skin Miracle Serum helps visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin younger and more radiant, a awesome cheat way to defy gravity!  
I love the concept of dropper bottle, there is no direct skin contact with the bottle neck so bacteria is usually kept at minimum and also I could control the amount of product that I wished dispense out, this way helps to prevent wastage. 

Purer Skin Night Recovery
 photo DSC00013.jpg

 photo DSC00022.jpg
This is the only product that is meant for night use, it helps to return skin the needed nutrients which our environment takes away. 
The feeling of waking up to dewy skin is an never before experience with other moisturisers, usually I'm only able to wake up to hydrated skin with facial mask the night before but Purer Skin Night Recovery works its magic just like a mask.(or even better!)
I highly suspect because of this product, the very next day even after cleansing with Purer Skin Creme Cleanser my skin still feels soft and moist. 

Like I've mentioned earlier that I've been a good girl experimenting with Purer skin for almost a week and I truly enjoyed the experienced. Let me show you my daily regiment starting with Cleansing:

Step1- Cleanse
(Purer Skin Creme Cleanser)
 photo DSC00075.jpg
This is for photographic purpose only, trust me you only need a pea size to lather up a mountain of foam. Unlike some cleansers, with Purer Skin Creme Cleanser is easy foam it up fluffy and thick with just a minuscule amount.
 It feels pretty runny so be careful when you squeeze the product out from the bottle, you might just dispense too much of it. And because of its runny viscosity, it tends to ooze out a little around the sides of the bottle cap, so handle with care. 

I guess I just spare you the details on how I wash my face, have fun viewing the next 2 pictures. 
 photo DSC00078.jpg

 photo DSC00081.jpg

My skin immediately refreshes up after cleansing, basing on the picture below I'm sure you've notice a somewhat fairer skin shade. Well, the packaging says nothing about whitening but consider the fact that I just came back from Boracay and still able to look fair so quick I probably have to thank this product for it. 
 photo DSC00092.jpg

Step 2 - Tone 
(Purer Skin Clarifying Toner)
 photo DSC00095.jpg

 photo DSC00096.jpg
Moving on, despite instructions on the packaging, which recommends me to spray on a cotton pad, then use the soaked cotton pad to gently apply product onto face, still sets me back to spraying it directly on my face. 
I guess I like the feeling of light droplets coating the surface of my skin, after which I will pat them with my fingers to let the product slowly absorb into my skin. This way I'll save more cotton pads than usual :D 
but of course do whatever feels comfortable for you, just try not to let the product get in contact with your eyes. 

Step 3 - Rejuvenate
(Purer Skin Miracle Serum)
 photo DSC00101.jpg

 photo DSC00103.jpg
I seriously duno what sorcery is this but the Purer Skin Miracle Serum sets in like lighting speed! A little too fast perhaps because before I have time to pat around my face is already half absorbed into the skin, and by the time I get down in patting is already absorbed fully! Without a doubt, I shall name it the 'flasher' :P
This is very suitable for people who couldn't wait a second longer (ehem...me) and busy working personnel's that have very little time to spare in the morning, who wouldn't want to catch a longer wink? 
Like I've mentioned in the product introduction earlier, I managed to draw a good amount of bird nest goodness everytime, if you have a bottle you will notice that the product is almost faint looking but you'll soon discover little residue of the bird nest lingering in the tubes. Yummy, I almost could taste it already!

Step 4- Moisturise
(Purer Skin Night Recovery)
 photo DSC00108.jpg

My very last step before heading to bed, I apply Purer Skin Night Recovery with my fingers and using circular movements (as recommended on packaging) to let product penetrate fully into my skin deeper layers.
Products that comes in a jar is not always very ideal for ladies who loves to keep long fingernails, lucky for me I'm used to using a Q-tip every time I dip into something especially skincare products. This way it will prevent cross contamination and keep you product at its best condition possible. 

Now, I would like to make an announcement ahem! *clears throat*
I'm now the official Purer Skin Digital Ambassador and will be updating on my skin journey with the Purer Skin Beauty Regime for the next half year and yes there will be plenty of talks about Purer Skin over at this blog. *throws confetti* What a good excuse for a camwhore pic!
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With that said, I also have some exciting news for you!
My readers will get to enjoy 20% off you purchase when you shop at www.PurerSkin.com 
All you need to do is, enter this promotion code 'LoveClara' during checkout and you'll get to enjoy 20% off your total purchase! (promotion ends 31st August!)

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*Purer Skin will be available in the selected 11 Watsons store starting 12 August 2013: ION Orchard, Parkway Parade, Bugis Junction, JEM, Ngee Ann City, Jurong Point, Marina Square, Vivocity, Raffles City, Toa Payoh (HDB) Hub, Compass Point.

Hope you like my review and see you in my next post!


*This is a sponsored review

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