My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 6-Lunch at 7Stones Boracay Suites

Post 1- Pre-Trip Thoughts
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7Stones is one of the most enjoyable places to dine -in at Boracay, great food with relaxing ambience.
Located in Bulabog Beach, the place where we caught a glimpse of the sunrise, this resort style hotel provides a different set of dining experience during the noon.

Under the glinting sun, we were sheltered in comfort as we sat down for lunch

Everyone's default reaction was to catchup with social media.
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The food was immensely tasty and the portions are huge. Signature dish was served right after the broccoli soup, the steak was tender and yummy and the grilled prawns was succulent. What got my taste buds longing for more was their Ice-cream, the pastry-like textures adds a delectable flavour to it.
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We were each given a nice souvenir to bring home, made by a collection of beads and stones this doll-like pendant is said to ward off evil and bring good luck. The person also mentioned that the string necklace is of excellent quality and is colour-fast thus it will not fade regardless how I tampered with it. photo DSC00150.jpg

After Lunch we proceed to check out their rooms, we were mainly introduced to family suites that includes a small open concept kitchen and living room.

The furnishing is simple and very resort style, some rooms come with balcony and you can catch a good glimpse of the seaview.
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Since there is a full length mirror, I might as well grab the chance to do a #OOTD.
For blog post on the zebra stripes cover-up and monokini please click here.
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With our nice tour guide Juniato, his hair is 1 of a kind!
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Another Family suite that is way bigger than the one I've mentioned earlier.  photo DSC00187.jpg304 is the key entry access to room 304A and/or 304B, 304A is the main room that comes with the equipped facilities: kitchen, living room, balcony, bedroom etc where 304B is another small bedroom.This creates privacy especially for double-date couples travelling together.
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As shameless as it may sound, ending this blogpost with a picture of me posing in a provocatively but cmi way.
While everyone was tired and resting at the waiting area, I dragged William to a secret corner and took some exclusive 'me' footage. Nice or not?
ok bye bye!
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*For Inquiries and Reservation at 7Stones Boracay Suites, please visit www.7stonesboracay.comContact tel: (6336)288 1601 / email: for more.

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